watching: lizzie bennet diaries

um… have i mentioned that i love the lizzie bennet diaries here? oh, yeah, once, but you guys, it’s sooooo gooooooood. have you watched it yet? have you finished it? do you want to gossip about it? OMG. okay, i’ll stop fangirling. except for this: OMG. i am so impressed with the way they have chosen to update it!

(side note: these peeps are a-list actors in my subconcious. i saw fitz in a commercial, and i was like ‘wait, why is he in a commercial?!’ and then i was like ‘oh, yeah, webseries aren’t exactly the same as a primetime show. commercials are a great paycheck, most likely.’)

listening to: lucy rose

i first heard her when we were browsing at rise in bristol. i got home and started the search for lucy rose, only to find that she hasn’t crossed the pond yet (er… her music. i can’t speak for her personally). so, rather than pay amazon to import it for me, i asked* emi & james to bring it to me when they came. now i have! yay! happy ending.

*read: begged and pestered

blog love: period films &c

a tumblr dedicated to period films. LOVE. i’m a big ole complete sucker for period films, and all the visuals involved, so this is really just a win win win as far as i’m concerned. i love her manipulations and edits and compilations, and as an extra bonus, she’s doing a fantastic project where she is slowly but surely doing an astonishingly lovely version of the little mermaid. the above image is a selection of screenshots from my *favorite* film version of jane eyre, bee tee dubs.

this picture:

this is my new favorite picture of jake & i. a few weeks ago, we modeled hoodies for a friend who’s releasing her own sewing patterns. are any of you guys sewers? you should check it out (and her blog)! the hoodie is great! i’ve been wearing it in the cooler evenings ever since!

speaking of pictures:

i read this article about vivian maier this week, and i’m totally in love with her work now.