i saw a girl named leney‘s summer to do list, and when i found myself nodding along with her choices, i thought, hey, i should write mine up! there’s something about writing up a list, it makes it so much more likely to happen!



summer is always too brief

-eat a peach that has sat in the sun, ripe and warm and fragrant
go to the drive-in theatre
find a saturday farmers market in the area
eat more fresh produce
-swim in the lake
-make it to at least one date with the 80’s
-read outside
go to an amusement park
watch fireworks
walk in the foothills of the sandias
-start a vlog
cuddle with sgt grumbles and soy sauce
-do a day trip to a covered bridge
-catch up on our TV shows as new seasons are released this summer (true blood, suits, parks & rec)
-peonies, at least once

EDIT: if i blogged about any of these accomplishments, i linked up with them!


what’s on your to do list?