i can be just awful about remembering certain things. like sharing in this blog-space something that i did in a completely different space of my life. such as the web-series that i spend many many hours of my life working on; as a story & script editor, set finder, schedule coordinator during pre-production. as an actress, boom pole holder, camera assistant, prop designer, craft services during production. as a visual consultant and graphic designer during post production. and during all of those things, as the watcher-over of jake, the one who tells him the time has come to step away from this project for a minute, whether it’s to eat, spend time with friends & family, or just to save the computer from being thrown out the window, or other such consequences.

this episode has been a long time coming. here’s the trailer:

and if that piqued your interest, you have multiple options from here:

go start at the beginning of the series: where we had no budget, low grade equipment, and less experience, and marvel at our improvement in each episode.


catch up on the whole thing in 77 seconds, a quicker option fo sho.


hey, if you’ve already done any of those things, just start watching from the beginning of episode seven!