i don’t know about y’allllll, but when i make goals, i find it useful to check back in on them occasionally. gauge my progress, make sure i’m not forgetting anything, that kind of thing.

so let’s check it out. my 2013 goals are here (along with my 2012 knits).

publish one pattern

nothing on this front. i’m not even sure which pattern i should be pursuing writing up.

hat patterns
waldo, sr? broham? double aspect? something else entirely?

knit one sweater (doesn’t have to be for me!)

done! i finished slow news day in march. i wouldn’t mind making another though! i have the supplies and intentions to make an aidez.

FO: Slow News Day Sweater

finish 20 knits

i’m fairly on course with this one. i have 11 finished knits at this moment (two that have yet to make it to your eyes), and several more that are really quite close to being done. with five months remaining in the year, and december usually being one of my busiest months for finishing knits, i feel fairly confident this goal won’t be a problem.

knit for pleasure/knit selfish

i’m doing well with this one. i did a lot of obligation knitting in 2012 which sapped some of the fun out of it. and while my ratio of knitting is still mostly for other people, i’m being careful to pick projects that i find a lot more fun & engaging.

go back to spinning. maybe 6 skeins?

nothing on this yet.


cook more

good! i’m not really any more adventurous than i have previously been, but i keep trying new things (risotto springs to mind) and slowly amassing skills.


lower consumption

this is an interesting one. i could probably write a whole post on this alone. i almost always have reusable bags when i’m shopping. i had our household down to nearly exclusively biodegradable soaps & cleaners, as well as refillable containers for our laundry & handsoaps, but it took a little bit of a hit when we started going to the gym…. gym clothes require a slightly stronger soap. and i’ve been working on finding a biodegradable kitty litter. any suggestions?

and just always:
be kinder. always be kinder than is necessary.
think before acting/speaking.
don’t be afraid.

that first one especially stays on my mind a lot. i’m not sure how to gauge this exactly, but it influences my actions, and so i think i can call it a success?

anyways, how is your year coming along? are you accomplishing everything you’d hoped to?