while i was in new mexico, i got to stop at two yarn stores. yarn store at nob hill is in albuquerque, in a neighborhood called nob hill (i know, you’d have never guessed, right?). nob hill is one of my favorite places to shop and walk around. it’s not too far from the university, and is home to boutiques, restaurants, tattoo parlors, coffee shops, and resale shops. something for everyone! the yarn store is just off the main drag.

yarn store at nob hill
from the front door

the store is very spacious and filled with light. they have several rooms (they have expanded into multiple smaller storefronts), each seperate space dedicated to a certain yarn weight or different element of the craft.

yarn store at nob hill

something i look for, especially when i’m traveling, is local yarn. there are many tried and true brands that i love to buy, and i always stop to admire a good selection of my favorite brands, or see what palette they carry, but local yarns are where i want my money going when i’m traveling. the bookcase to the left in the photo above is full of STRANDavarious, based out of bernalillo, new mexico.

yarn store at nob hill

the yarn i ended up bringing home is a buttery baby alpaca & silk laceweight. i have 650 yards (594 meters) of silver with green tones. it’s not local to new mexico (it’s from montana), but i’d never seen it before!


now… what to knit? my brain offers up: emily dickinson (i have such a crush on ness’s moody version), or rock island (this cheerful yellow one is so great)? those are the first that spring to mind…