my favorite recent musical find is grimes:

i’ve been listening to this album (visions) a lot recently. i thought i found it via spotify, but i realized when i found this music video that i’d seen it a while back on kate’s blog.


i’ve been kind of obsessed with making sandwiches at home on my days off. goat cheese, roasted red peppers, turkey bacon, sun dried tomatoes, a thin slice of red onion: any combination of these on toast, tossed in the broiler so that the onion softens slightly, and the rest warms up. avocado and mixed greens go on at the end, just before eating. so delicious!

We are in luck here with get cozy & spark-tacular ring finger

i just got a nail polish set based on ariel, since i’m a nerd. i like all of the colors, but of course i had to try the bright coral first!


i’ve been traveling so much this summer. four states so far, with a fifth coming up shortly. these socks were mostly knit on a road trip up to the upper peninsula of michigan, and i’m *this close* to finishing them.


i love seeing new places and traveling, but to tell you the truth, i’m cherishing my time on the couch at home at the moment.