does this look familiar?

a bit like this, perhaps:

FO: bits & bobs charlie edition

they aren’t the same hat. but this version was commissioned to be as close to the first one as possible. i think i did pretty well, eh?


FO: striped gradations, a clone, or perhaps a simulacrum

pattern: my own devising

yarn: you know how i love to use up leftover bits and bobs. some lions brand wool-ease, some recycled fingering weight from a thrifted sweater held double, some leftover berroco ultra alpaca fine in turquoise mix held double, some mystery yarn, some brown sheep lambs pride in tahiti teal, some berroco ultra alpaca (worsted) in oceanic mix, some queensland kathmandu aran tweed in charcoal

needles: US size 4 (3.5mm) for the ribbing, US size 6 (4mm) for the body


notes: well, since i pretty much exactly copied my first version, the notes are pretty similar. blah blah, scrap-busting, blah blah, stripes are fun, blah blah, pretty gradation! you know. that stuff!


and if you’re noticing any dark vignetting on these pictures, or any light spots… that isn’t photo editing… no, that’s something i knocked loose in my lens when i dropped it while hiking up a mountain. turns out lens’s aren’t that into bouncing down sand and rock paths. who’d a thunk? i’ll bring it in to a camera store soon enough to see if they can fix it. just some inadvertent style choices in the mean time!