i keep forgetting to take pictures of the exteriors of the yarn stores i visit. i’m just so excited to see the yarn on the way in, and i’m usually juggling purchases on the way out. but, in this case i did get a picture of their extra awesome open sign as i approached yarn & coffee:


crochet & cross-stitch, how cool is that?! i really appreciate this interesting use of materials. it’s only natural to display finished products made with the materials that the yarn store sells, but i love getting to see fresh approaches, and this was definitely a new one for me!


although i’ve visited sante fe several times, this is the first yarn store i’ve ever been to there. it was a bit tricky to find, being located in the back of a building facing the street it belonged to by name.


i only really have a limited number of things to say about good yarn stores, even though it should be the inverse. my main goal in writing about yarn stores in my travels is in case other crafty people are looking for good yarn stores during their travels.

but the yarn selection was good at yarn & coffee. i really appreciate it when a yarn store has diversity in their price points. not every crafter can afford $20 skeins for their projects, especially if they are larger projects. but it’s always nice to have some higher end selection as well, for a little splurge yarn. visit their website for more details and a list of brands carried.

they also had a cute selection of notions, mostly related to the craft, but a few cute tote bags and gifties. i didn’t get a picture of that, of course…


the proprietress was very nice, she answered many questions, directed me to the area they kept more local and artisan yarns, graciously allowed me to take pictures, and even told me to check out the yarn store in albuquerque. (the chronology on this here blog has been just awful this summer. i hope you can forgive me, and that i’m not confusing you too much by flitting around randomly depending on my mood.)

i can’t speak on the coffee aspect of yarn & coffee, as i did not partake of it. but what did i end up bringing home from yarn & coffee?

this absolutely scrummy skein of dream in color smooshy (with cashmere!)


how beautiful is that color? so rich and autumnal!

and this skein of woolly wanka fibers nimue sock, in colorway ‘winterfell’:


you’ve seen it before (twice, actually), and these socks i started in new mexico are still *this close* to being done (it’s weird, it’s like if i don’t pick them up to finish them, they don’t just naturally finish themselves).