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back in the day, i designed the wedding invites that jake and i sent for our nuptials. so earlier this year, as a friend of mine was starting to worry about her wedding and begin prep for it, she remembered my invitations and asked if i could lend a hand helping to make hers. i accepted with relish! i know quite a bit more about design at this juncture than i did when making my own! i wanted to see what working with someone else’s aesthetics was like. and you know what? it was super fun!





i’m super chuffed with how these turned out, and more importantly so is martha!

details that might be of interest to you: i downloaded the fonts from 1001 free fonts. the script is henry morgan hand and the typewriter is underwood champion.

all of the stationary came from paper source. the enclosure is in their night color, and the rsvp envelope is a 4 bar envelope in antique gold.

the invitation was printed two to a page on paper source’s 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper in the luxe cream. it was then measured out exactly, and scored with a bone folder and hand trimmed to create the raw edges. that was definitely the most work intensive aspect of the project, but you know what mies van der rohe says: “god is in the details.” and i really think that the raw edges add a beautiful detail.

i might be the proudest of the RSVP, which i made in photoshop. i layered an old paper texture as the background, and created an old library card layout, altered slightly to suit the needs of an RSVP. i made the date red to emulate the a red stamp, and lowered the opacity as if it were an older stamp. we printed these up multiple on a page as well (the PS superfine soft white, i believe) and cut them out individually as well.

the seal on the enclosure is from paper source, too (it’s this one), and the gold wax is made to work in a glue gun! i love the little extra element of luxe it adds!


i’m quite proud of this little accomplishment, so i thought i’d share it with you guys. congratulations and best wishes to martha & michael on their wedding day!


maybe it’s the dip in temperatures, or maybe it’s just the season to release sweater patterns, it could also be that i am more aware of sweaters at the moment because i’m working on one, but yeesh! there are some SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS sweater patterns being released right now (or that i’m finding for the first time right now). so i thought i’d round a few up for you.

oshima by jared flood, from brooklyn tweed’s fall 2013 collection.

i first saw the back of this sweater, and i became obsessed! i dove into my stash (well, my online stash) and found that i have enough yarn in a weight that should suit it. i kind of want to turn it into a cardigan, though…. with a deep, gentle v-neck, and a shepherds collar that gets reallllly deep in the back, with the help of short rows? i’ve never tried brioche stitch, so that’s long overdue!

the shepherd hoodie by kate davies from the shepherd and the shearer.

OMG THOSE CABLES! tiny cables inside bigger cables! amazing! delicious!

and not to dwell too much on cables, buuuut:

norah gaughan’s aeneas.

but they’re just so dreamy, aren’t they? that collar is perfection! cozy, cabled perfection… i’m probably also responding in part to the perfect deep cardinal red of this sweater.

beacon hill by jane richmond.

i love this stitch! it’s so textural and sweet! and i’m always a sucker for a foldover collar. jane richmond’s designs are always body-concious, contemporary and very wearable. beacon hill is no exception!

and this last one was just love at first sight:

arrowhead cardigan by anna cohen.

the pattern! the colors! the big swingy coziness of it! the sophisticated and rustic qualities! i was immediately inspired to go (once more) to my online stash and see if i had any ability to make this. i think it might look amazing in seafoam green and oatmeal. kind of a sand and the sea combination?

i don’t know if i’ll actually make any of these, but i do love thinking about it! first i gotta finish the sweater i’m working on!

have you seen any patterns, new or just new to you, that have inspired you? do you try to match them up with yarns you already own, or do you start shopping for the dream yarn?

a year of us in pictures of us:

at clifton downs, in bristol, visiting emi & james

grabbing lunch in clifton village

the roman baths, in bath. with the abbey in the background

on the cobb in lyme regis

at mel’s diner in california

el pescador beach, malibu


in the palm house, st. louis

at the grand hall of union station in st. louis

at a barbeque place we’ve been meaning to go to for years

making faces

at ribfest for a mucca pazza concert

Upper Peninsula July 2013
on lake superior

disneyland! first stop: haunted mansion!

gotta get a pic with the castle when at disney, right?

at the myers house from halloween, bein’ scared

because we thought it would be funny to do a series of ‘being scared’ pictures. except that these are the only two. maybe we’ll pick up the thread again later!

and… a palate cleanser, just in case you want it

this year was very travel filled! in fact all but three of these pictures were taken out of state, and some out of country!

it doesn’t feel like we’ve been married for four years! on the other hand, it kind of does feel like our wedding was four years ago. ah, time: what a paradox you are!

what a great journey so far. to infinity, and beyond!

happy autumnal equinox!

we finally took the air conditioning unit out of the single living room window today, and it makes such a difference in the amount of light in my favorite living space! i was pretty gleeful about it.




j. crew chambray button down – anthropologie green skirt – forever21 yellow sneaks

i got this skirt at the beginning of the summer, and i’ve been wearing it loads, but i have been lax about documenting it. it’s a great addition to my wardrobe, a nice bright pencil skirt! (fun fact- words i accidentally typed into that sentence include ‘green’ and ‘addiction’… freudian slip?) i’ve admired other style bloggers brightly colored pencil skirts for ages, but good pencil skirts run kinda expensive (i’m looking at you j. crew! and that’s even on sale!), and i hadn’t run into the right pencil skirt in my price range. until this one, obviously. thank you, sale racks at anthropologie! i have had some pretty good luck there in the last two years… of course, now that i’ve said that to the internet, my luck will disappear.

say goodbye to the wierd foggy spots in my pictures, and the unintentional vignetting! i actually kind of like their effect in certain pictures, but sometimes you want a clear picture. i just got a new lens, and so far i’m loving it!

this belt is gaining ground against my beloved woven belt! (though it’s not quite as versatile…)

PicMonkey Collage

1, 2, 3 , 4, 5, 6, 7… is not blogged. yet? maybe to be blogged? anyways, this was for a friends wedding at the beginning of the summer. 8, 9, 10, 11


FO: reduced circumstances

pattern: margaret dashwood shawl by joanna johnson
yarn: ursula’s alcove kettle sock, a gift from the lovely chronographia and her mother, 560 yards (512 meters)
needles: US size 5 (3.75mm), both because ursula’s cove is a tad lighter than the suggested loft, but also because i tend to prefer a slightly firmer stitch.


i fell in love with this pattern the moment i saw it. i’m sure you are all aware by now what a fan i am of jane austen, and period pieces. i also love historical fashion, and the sweet old-fashioned quality of this, while simultaneously transforming easily to the contemporary fashion. for a related post, i bow to the superior scholarship of kate, who recently published a pattern for a similar garment, though the knitting style is quite different: sontag.


this was my on-the-go project for several months. it lends itself well to this, being garter stitch based, one skein, easily memorized repeats. but it stayed in my purse, only to be taken out while waiting for things to happen, or long conversations, so it took awhile to complete it.


when i first began to knit, i was stuck for a very very long time on garter stitch before i really branched out. this had a bit of a whiplash effect once i did branch out, and i disliked garter stitch for feeling rather unrefined, implying a time when i did not know anything else. it took awhile, but i’ve come back around to being fond of it. now i perceive it as a really ‘handknit’ aesthetic.


how about you? any knitting qualities or stitches you stay away from? or have come around to? any strong feeling about garter specifically?




thrifted cream cardigan, plaid shirt, belt – j. crew green chinos – lands end sandals

i love this blouse. i’m not sure i’ve ever documented it before (awww, fail), but i’ve owned it for like eight years. i thrifted it wayyyy back in the day with a few other blouses that did not stand the test of time. but this blouse is one of my favorite saturated blues with just the teensiest bit of green, plaid, a-line, super comfortable and work appropriate. perfect!


what in your wardrobe has treated you this well?

kate miss took a flower arranging class recently, and while she is on the deprecating side about her skills, i have exactly zero understanding of the do’s and dont’s of floral arrangement, only what my eyeballs enjoy, and i’ve been loving them! especially her super dreamy and understated flower headbands/kinda wreaths. i loooove them. now if only i could think of somewhere i could wear that without feeling ridiculously self-conscious about it. the last two headbands in her blogpost about it especially rock my world.

candid thoughts on modesty from elizabeth of delightfully tacky

this blog is fairly new to my blogroll, and i have been loving it. this post has more gravitas than her usual fare. i spend plenty of time thinking about modesty and perceptions, and my idea of self in my surrounding culture, though i don’t spend much time talking about it, because it’s kind of a big knotted mess in my head. but elizabeth really nails a lot of my opinions in her thoughtful post about the way we talk about modesty, and the things we are communicating when we do so, especially to growing girls and boys. i’ve been ruminating on this post for a bit now, so i thought i’d share it with you, because it can never hurt to examine your perceptions, right?

and…. on a lighter note, this cartoon is amazing, totally rocks my world, and it makes me to laugh! bee and puppycat for the win! jake and i have been quoting ‘i have stuff for you stuff!’ a lot recently. it’s useful in many contexts!

i stumbled upon this list of the oldest restaurants in the united states and now i wanna only eat at places that have been open for hundreds of years! not that any of them are anywhere near us… oh, well! something else to add to the travel/bucket list! not like it’s miles long already!

i got a morse code necklace from coatt at renegade last week, and it’s only left my neck for like bathing purposes and such. i love it! so pretty and quiet! i first saw them two years ago, and i liked them from the get go, so i splurged when i saw them on sale at renegade!

what are you loving recently? any thoughts on modesty? did you love bee and puppycat? or is it too out there for you?

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