guys, guys, guys!

this weekend in chicago is renegade craft fair. are you in/near chicago? you should definitely go!

i, of course, neglected to take any pictures at the fair itself, but here is our brunch/lunch from milk and honey:

(huevos rancheros and tomato basil soup!)

and here is a selfie with one of my purchases:


which are, i’ve been informed, called midi rings. which, of course, i lost within hours of purchasing. *cries a little* which, of course, i declined a receipt from and now cannot recall which of the 300 vendors i purchased it from to get another. bah humbug. let the quest for a new one…. BEGIN!

(EDIT: JUST KIDDING!!!! i was doing some laundry after renegade, and it was in the dryer… now i feel silly, but you guys got the whole dang story arc! also, apparently you should take off any midi rings before laundry. oddly, this is not the first ring i have tumbled dry.)

but, i was thinking, since the holidays doth approach, a mere three months from now (if you like hannukah) and slightly longer (if you prefer christmas) … (if neither of those are your thing, then america’s annual traditional season of gift-exchanging is then-ish), and also just cuz i kinda want to: i might throw together a few posts with some of the things that i liked a lot and hey, you might too! so those should be coming soon to this blog near you!