kate miss took a flower arranging class recently, and while she is on the deprecating side about her skills, i have exactly zero understanding of the do’s and dont’s of floral arrangement, only what my eyeballs enjoy, and i’ve been loving them! especially her super dreamy and understated flower headbands/kinda wreaths. i loooove them. now if only i could think of somewhere i could wear that without feeling ridiculously self-conscious about it. the last two headbands in her blogpost about it especially rock my world.

candid thoughts on modesty from elizabeth of delightfully tacky

this blog is fairly new to my blogroll, and i have been loving it. this post has more gravitas than her usual fare. i spend plenty of time thinking about modesty and perceptions, and my idea of self in my surrounding culture, though i don’t spend much time talking about it, because it’s kind of a big knotted mess in my head. but elizabeth really nails a lot of my opinions in her thoughtful post about the way we talk about modesty, and the things we are communicating when we do so, especially to growing girls and boys. i’ve been ruminating on this post for a bit now, so i thought i’d share it with you, because it can never hurt to examine your perceptions, right?

and…. on a lighter note, this cartoon is amazing, totally rocks my world, and it makes me to laugh! bee and puppycat for the win! jake and i have been quoting ‘i have stuff for you stuff!’ a lot recently. it’s useful in many contexts!

i stumbled upon this list of the oldest restaurants in the united states and now i wanna only eat at places that have been open for hundreds of years! not that any of them are anywhere near us… oh, well! something else to add to the travel/bucket list! not like it’s miles long already!

i got a morse code necklace from coatt at renegade last week, and it’s only left my neck for like bathing purposes and such. i love it! so pretty and quiet! i first saw them two years ago, and i liked them from the get go, so i splurged when i saw them on sale at renegade!

what are you loving recently? any thoughts on modesty? did you love bee and puppycat? or is it too out there for you?