back in the day, i designed the wedding invites that jake and i sent for our nuptials. so earlier this year, as a friend of mine was starting to worry about her wedding and begin prep for it, she remembered my invitations and asked if i could lend a hand helping to make hers. i accepted with relish! i know quite a bit more about design at this juncture than i did when making my own! i wanted to see what working with someone else’s aesthetics was like. and you know what? it was super fun!





i’m super chuffed with how these turned out, and more importantly so is martha!

details that might be of interest to you: i downloaded the fonts from 1001 free fonts. the script is henry morgan hand and the typewriter is underwood champion.

all of the stationary came from paper source. the enclosure is in their night color, and the rsvp envelope is a 4 bar envelope in antique gold.

the invitation was printed two to a page on paper source’s 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper in the luxe cream. it was then measured out exactly, and scored with a bone folder and hand trimmed to create the raw edges. that was definitely the most work intensive aspect of the project, but you know what mies van der rohe says: “god is in the details.” and i really think that the raw edges add a beautiful detail.

i might be the proudest of the RSVP, which i made in photoshop. i layered an old paper texture as the background, and created an old library card layout, altered slightly to suit the needs of an RSVP. i made the date red to emulate the a red stamp, and lowered the opacity as if it were an older stamp. we printed these up multiple on a page as well (the PS superfine soft white, i believe) and cut them out individually as well.

the seal on the enclosure is from paper source, too (it’s this one), and the gold wax is made to work in a glue gun! i love the little extra element of luxe it adds!


i’m quite proud of this little accomplishment, so i thought i’d share it with you guys. congratulations and best wishes to martha & michael on their wedding day!