j crew teal cardigan – target grey t-shirt – thrifted belt, skirt – minnetonka moccasins

i dunno if i’ve mentioned this before, but i was one of those teens who was unwilling to demonstrate enthusiasm. especially aesthetically. days where color schemes were recommended (pep rallies, valentines day, st patricks) made me want to wear opposing colors. it’s taken me a long time to outgrow this, and one way which still makes me feel a little weird is wearing school colors for a school i haven’t attended for 10 years. my school colors were gold and blue, if you hadn’t already gotten there yourself.

i went to a college without school colors, or teams, or sororities/fraternities. it was not a deciding factor, but i did definitely felt it was a bonus.



it’s been a slow process, but if i continue on my current swing, in another ten years, i will be the person with holiday-specific earrings, or different wreaths for every season. this idea doesn’t bother me in the least, but no one tell the 16 year old version of me. she’d pull an annoying face.

what about you? were you a team-spirit teen? what were your school colors?