book thief trailer! have you read it? are you excited for the movie? i adored this book, and this trailer really excites me!

i’ve expressed it before, and no doubt i will repeat myself in the future, but i have the highest respect and enjoyment for kate davies’s jaunty researches into the history of garments, and this one on the pocket is no exception!

David Wilkie, The Refusal (1814) © Victoria and Albert Museum

julie’s autumnal solaria:

i am a huge fan of julie‘s style and knits, and her most recent autumnal solaria is an absolute knock out. i’ve been wanting to knit one of these since the pattern was released, but i haven’t quite managed to get around to it yet. you’d better bet this FO made it climb the queue quite a few spaces! i’ll be quiet about it in a second, but this fall i am having a major love affair with deep bricky reds. i’ve always been a fan, but now that it’s fall, it’s all i want! oh, and please please please follow the link over to her blogpost, because the pictures of her baby girl’s displeasure at apple picking are PRICELESS. plus the family pictures look straight of a glossy model catalogue.

two videos in one post?! ah, but how could i not? i loved loved loved the lizzie bennet diaries (i went to the panel while we were at vidcon!), and was very pleased when they announced that emma was next project they were taking on, and now! now it has begun!

what are you into this week? anything obsession-worthy popping up on the internet? any fun weekend plans? we’re carving jack-o-lanterns tonight! if they turn out well, i’ll document them for you!