i like this idea. there are other blogger-ly things i like, such as end of the month check ins with instagram and stuff, but i can barely manage to get my years worth of knitting in within the first month, so quarterly kind of things feel slightly more attainable. once more inspired by a girl named leney, here’s a list of some of the things i’d like to do before it gets proper wintery:

make chili from scratch
-also sunday night stew
-cups of tea
carve pumpkins
-dinner with family
-finish aidez cardigan
-see the book thief & catching fire in theatres
-start christmas knitting & shopping
-try making candles
-walk in the rain
-i’ve been coveting deep red mums this autumn, but we’ve been so dang busy, and now it’s freezing at night so that won’t happen, but i still thought i’d mention it here, because what is a wishlist for if not a smidgen of wishful thinking?

First autumnal rainy walk!

what’s on your to-do list? or your wishful thinking list?