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i’ve been quite quite busy, hence the dearth of content around here. but here’s a little of what’s been happening around here:

Seaming my aidez cardigan!

seaming up my aidez cardigan. it’s all done, photoshoot and everything, so expect an FO post quite soon!

Cutest graffiti ever?

quite possibly the cutest graffiti i’ve ever seen!


the first snow! it has been quite cold for november. it’s snowed multiple times already!

Still life with saddle shoes

saddle shoe love!

Such a nice sight. And it comes with such nice sounds!

emi is has been in town from england for a quick visit, so we’ve been trying to fit as much family time and celebration (two birthdays, a bit of thanksgiving and christmas) in a very short span of time. (i have video of them performing this song… so i may share that soon)

Mittens in progress!

i’ve been working on a pair of antler mittens! i think they are turning out quite nice. the yarn is lettlopi, an icelandic spun wool, so it’s a bit rough on the hands. i think i might line them in flannel.

Last day for these beauties!

gram gave me some beautiful roses. i didn’t manage to get any pictures of them at their peak, but i think they are still quite beautiful.

Sometimes it happens that you have to start celebrating Christmas before thanksgiving, but you can't even bother to mind in the least.

christmas-y times are practically upon us! usually i subscribe to the ‘no christmas until after thanksgiving’ rule, but hey, when your sister in law is in town, sometimes rules must be bent!


when i get a new piece of clothing, i want to wear it allll the time. i come up with a dozen different outfits for it. that’s the case with this skirt.


and the blouse, actually.


old navy brown cardigan – swapped lace blouse – thrifted belt – gifted skirt, boots

both are new to me and i looooove them. so it’s the most natural thing in the world that i tried them together. and what did i pair them with? old stand-bys. this cardigan, bought for cheap off the super sale rack at old navy years and years ago, and boots that i have already sung of my love for on the blog. metaphorically. i promise you don’t want to hear me sing. but if we’re ever driving anywhere together, you’ll almost certainly get to hear my enthusiastic* sing alongs.




* that’s pretty much the best thing one could say about my singing.

FO: what the frack-tal

does the pattern on this guy look familiar?

a bit like this?

i was test knitting the pattern for the incomparable chronographia!

FO: what the frack-tal

FO: what the frack-tal? <–ravelry project page

pattern: sierpinski’s beanie
yarn: berroco ultra alpaca light in fennel colorway and king cole merino blend dk
needles: US size 4 (3.5mm)

FO: what the frack-tal

i love a good colorwork hat! and i’ve always loved blue-green paired with yellow-green. so pleasing! this is a fairly easy knit. the most challenging aspect is the extra long floats that occur on certain rows (like the widest part of the big blue triangles). since i used lower contrast colors, i could wind them periodically on the really long floats. it’s something to think about though, if you opt to use higher contrasting colors, like the original, where that little wind would probably peep through. if you use a nice woolly yarn, especially a fluffier/halo-y yarn, winding will be unnecessary, as they will grab onto each other and felt almost immediately. the other aspect of the long floats that can be challenging is simply keeping the float loose enough to maintain the correct tension. my very first attempts at colorwork, years and years ago, were puckered little messes until i learned to loosen my floats. so it’s good practice, but it might be challenging if you haven’t dealt with longer floats in colorwork before.

FO: what the frack-tal

this pattern would be good for any math nerds you might know. because who doesn’t love clever and attractive nods to their passion displayed in their clothing? i know i do!

FO: what the frack-tal

it snowed a couple days ago, when i took these pictures. first snow of the year! it was gone within 48 hours. thank goodness, as i don’t think i’m quite prepared for real snowfall. is it snowing where you are?

life according to my phone:


a blaze of red


an angel statue alit in the dark.


our pumpkins. this is the best picture i got… it rained several evenings in a row when i wanted to get a picture of them lit.


deep red nails with turquoise.


sticky notes in a mystery novel from a previous reader. very cute.


i love the bright yellow of the gingko in autumn.

@ddisciplines this hoodie is really nice in this windy location!

one of the locations we shot at. it was the rooftop of a 20 story building at the very edge of downtown chicago. scaredy cat that i am, this is both the closest i got to the edge, and also the happiest look i could muster. our scene up here looks AMAZING though!


a door grate spotted just before halloween. doesn’t it look like a skull?


a lot of dinners have been looking like this recently. lots & lots of veggies and sausage fried up in the skillet. simple, filling, healthy.


autumnal ombre!

Helper cat is helping.
baiza is always prepared to assist me when i try to edit the behind the scenes videos. i’ll be honest, it slows the process down a little bit, but i cannot help but love it!

be warned: lots of pictures. it was too gorgeous out, i had a hard time limiting the quantities!





thrifted blazer, scarf, j. crew sweater – target grey tee, booties – ebay madewell jeans

the colors this autumn have been amazing! i can’t tell if it’s this beautiful every year, and i just forget, or if they are especially incredible this year!






do you have the problem where you selectively forget how beautiful autumn is?

i’m starting to work on scoping out my selections for my holiday quick knit round-ups, and yesterday i asked for input, so if there’s anything you’d like to see, make sure to leave me a comment!

… when the world falls in love! every song you hear seems to say…

christmas tree!
this picture is from last year. we absolutely don’t have a tree up yet. that would be silly.

welp. halloween is over. in america, holiday season has already begun! i was out shopping with a friend today, and target has full holiday collections out, their seasonal section is already dedicated to holiday decor! which means! it’s time to start my annual quick(ish) knitted gifts round up! (previous installations include: slippers, toys year one, mitts/mittens, cowls, hats year one, last minute knits. shawls, mitts, toys year two, cowls, hats year two)

so i’m here to ask you if there’s anything else you want to see? historically speaking, slippers, last minute knits, toys, and cowls have been the most popular, but all of them have been among my most popular posts of all time.

i pretty much copied my potential list from last years poll, because it mostly still applies:

– hats (there will always be hats in these round ups. because they are my very favorite!)
– slippers
– mitts/mittens
– toys (i think these are pretty classic)
– cowls OR scarves
– accessories (knit jewelry, or small knits that don’t really fit into another category)
– last minute knits (for that special someone you straight up forgot. or could never find the right gift for)
– baby/kid knits
– shawls (probably only low yardage ones or larger gauged ones)

someone last year asked for headbands instead of hats, but i would probably toss a small selection of those into the hats post, or into the last minute knits or accessories (so many options!).

let me know if you feel strongly about anything in particular! i’ll do my best! also, if there are any projects or patterns you’d like to nominate to see on one of my round-ups, feel free to holler at me about them!

i hope you all had a treat filled halloween, with only a few (fun) tricks. i got more than my usual amount of scares this halloween, but they were spaced far enough apart that i have not turned into the ‘creeping-in-fear’ version of eliza.

as i was walking back from the bookstore the other day, (ugh, they did not have what i wanted to buy, though i did finally find a moleskine 2014 calendar planner: mineallmine!) i passed a loft store advertising 40% off of everything! i rarely shop at loft… it’s less of a choice and more that there isn’t one in the mall where i do the majority of my first hand shopping (which is still pretty rare, y’allll). but here i was, and there was the bright sign, doing it’s job, luring me in! spoiler alert: i didn’t actually buy anything. but, i got a lot of ideas and added a few things to my wish list.

what i was going to show you was the soft drapey cardigan i fell in love with at the store. alack, it doesn’t seem to be online! but while i was searching for it, i kinda fell for this beauty:

striped pointelle yoke sweater

i’m a total sucker for sweaters with multiple techniques. it can be easy, as a knitter, to think: this will be a striped knit. and then not look beyond stripes for possibilities. so combining variations of stitches really gets me excited.


stripes on cables is definitely something i wouldn’t think of! but with the soft overall pattern of cabling on this sweater, i love the extra graphic punch of the stripes!

i can’t find what appears to be an original source for this image… this tumblr post is the furthest back i can trace it.

when i first saw this, i fell madly in love. dense lace with a neckline edging of delicate cable? ohmygosh! so pretty! someday i will try this!

similar story here, unfortunately, but different tumblr

i think this sweater is practically perfect in every way, and i want to recreate it, maybe with a slightly less pink oriented color scheme.

this beauty is rililie‘s 2012 cardigan

this whole cardigan strikes me as kind of a play on expectations! rililie really excels at thinking outside the box when it comes to knitting. this is my very favorite detail on this cardigan, but really, the whole thing is lovely! this one doesn’t follow a pattern, but she has several other patterns that definitely would fall into this category!

g-knits beautiful morrison cardigan

everytime i look at this FO, i have to run to my stash page to see if i have any appropriate yarn. i feel like i say that a lot, but i do only share my very favorites with you guys ^__^.

so! which of the above is your favorite? or are there any beautiful inspiration sweaters that you want to share with me? what’s your favorite combo? are you a stripes and lace? colorwork and cables (ooh, i didn’t find any of those!)? what’s your huckleberry?

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