… when the world falls in love! every song you hear seems to say…

christmas tree!
this picture is from last year. we absolutely don’t have a tree up yet. that would be silly.

welp. halloween is over. in america, holiday season has already begun! i was out shopping with a friend today, and target has full holiday collections out, their seasonal section is already dedicated to holiday decor! which means! it’s time to start my annual quick(ish) knitted gifts round up! (previous installations include: slippers, toys year one, mitts/mittens, cowls, hats year one, last minute knits. shawls, mitts, toys year two, cowls, hats year two)

so i’m here to ask you if there’s anything else you want to see? historically speaking, slippers, last minute knits, toys, and cowls have been the most popular, but all of them have been among my most popular posts of all time.

i pretty much copied my potential list from last years poll, because it mostly still applies:

– hats (there will always be hats in these round ups. because they are my very favorite!)
– slippers
– mitts/mittens
– toys (i think these are pretty classic)
– cowls OR scarves
– accessories (knit jewelry, or small knits that don’t really fit into another category)
– last minute knits (for that special someone you straight up forgot. or could never find the right gift for)
– baby/kid knits
– shawls (probably only low yardage ones or larger gauged ones)

someone last year asked for headbands instead of hats, but i would probably toss a small selection of those into the hats post, or into the last minute knits or accessories (so many options!).

let me know if you feel strongly about anything in particular! i’ll do my best! also, if there are any projects or patterns you’d like to nominate to see on one of my round-ups, feel free to holler at me about them!