lands end cowled sweater – thrifted brown tee – canvas cords – target booties

this sweater is shockingly warm considering its short sleeves. it’s like wearing a soft alpaca coccoon. this is the outfit i wore for thanksgiving. warm, comfortable, no restrictive waist bands… but i don’t feel frumpy or schleppy.

i only just discovered that my hair was long enough to do heidi braids. i’ve tried them before, and the braids wouldn’t connect at the top. and the non-braided part of my hair would rumple up in a fashion i didn’t enjoy at all. i finally figured out the right combination of factors to kind of control that: make a really tight base to the braid, and don’t braid down (which is my instinct), but braid out/up from your head, as if you’re trying for a pippi longstocking look. it kind of grooms your hair in the direction you want it to go, i guess? i’m definitely feeling like i never talk about hair stuff right now. i have very little vocabulary to implement!


when it gets a little longer, i’ll be able to tuck the ends in a little better. i couldn’t find my usual brown bobby pins, only these cheerful red ones!