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heidi braids/chipping paint

you probably caught onto this by now, but i really like these outfits! i feel totally comfortable, totally myself in these. my style is ever evolving, but i really feel like documenting it is helping me to define it, to feel more confident about trying new things, about figuring out what looks best on me. i feel more confident with color, and color relationships than i have before. i have always been more of a pants girl, but i like the way i look in skirts, and i’m slowly getting more comfortable wearing them.

this year i’m going to try to buy less. i’m trying to be especially mindful when it comes to buying things first hand. i’ve worked for multiple retailers that educate their employees on where their products come from, and learning that the wool for a sweater came from one continent, was shipped to another for fabrication, yet another for assembly doesn’t sit super great with me. not only is this sweater better traveled than i am by the time i purchase it, but is that really the best use of resources? the problem is that this high mindedness very directly fights my desire to spend less money, buy things that are a good deal. there are amazing companies out there that produce everything locally, with minimal environmental impact and maximum attention to their employees, but i can’t afford to outfit myself from their stock. so i’m trying to buy more clothing second hand, where it has far less impact. i’m trying to make better choices about what i buy first hand, adding to my wardrobe only items that i will literally wear out, and try to choose quality over quantity. trying being the key word here.

this is a subject i’ve wanted to broach here before. it’s something i think about a fair amount. but i know myself, and i know that a few times a year, i’ll end up at the mall, and i’ll see something really cute at a really good price, and i will buy it. so. i guess i’m hoping that by finally talking about it, i will hold myself more accountable. have any of you guys had this debate at all? do you know of any resources to help me in this quest of mine?