i’ve still been pursuing my desire for a ‘clean slate’ as of late. this weekend was really productive. i cleaned the entire apartment. and i’ve been trying to finish projects that have been laying around for a while.

like this overhead light for the bedroom:


i’ve had the shade for quite a while, but i bought the other components last week, so i finally got it up this weekend. all light in the bedroom has come from lamps, so it’s really nice to have something that casts a better glow.

and i finally figured out what to do with this cute faucet handle i bought a few flea markets ago:


right above the audubon print in the bathroom! the audubon print is also from the flea market (serious love for the flea market). i like it for many reasons, not least because it reminds me of ‘okay for now’ (note to self: get back to those book reviews).

as i was going through and cleaning, i went through this one corner of the kitchen. it’s the kind of corner (i’m sure we all have them), that collects things… you know, unpaid bills, nice cards from the most recent card type occasion, and those papers and small objects that just don’t seem to have a home… anyways, i decided if i put something there, maybe it wouldn’t collect nearly as much stuff. so here’s what we’ve got now:


time will tell if this actually keeps the clutter at bay, but it’s worth a shot!

well, anyways, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that this was the weekend of the flea market.


i only bought one thing:


a lovely turquoise ring. new mexico has very much been on my mind, recently…

i also saw this fabulous large poster for the rocketeer:


jake loves that movie, and i love the heavy art deco influence on the design, as well as the retro advertising. the poster is a ridiculous size, considering our small apartment, but i had to admire it. jill got a really fantastic hudson bay blanket, which i offered to carry around for her. someday my own hudson bay blanket will find me! until then, i will snuggle with all of my wool blankets that i already own…

i finished a couple of other smaller projects. i’ll share those later this week! what’d you do this weekend?