as i’m sure you have picked up on by now, i have been thinking quite a bit about the concept of visual mending. i really like it. why, when something breaks, should it go back to looking exactly the way it did before it broke? there are so many examples of things looking equally nice, sometimes better, if you take a bit to think about how to go about mending them in a way that isn’t invisible.

while we were watching downton abbey awhile ago at my in-laws (i love that show soooo much), there was an episode in season 3 where daisy goes to visit her father-in-law (i wish that relationship was a little more to the forefront, it’s one of my faves) at his farm, and we see his kitchen windows:

Ep5 Downton 17 Kitchen
(image found here)

absolutely dreamy, right? my father-in-law explained that in old windows like that, when a pane broke, they would just mend it by adding another seam of lead (i think lead?), rather than the added expense of purchasing new glass. economical, and frankly, beautiful!

julie recently discovered there had been a moth attack on several of her favorite sweaters, and came up with the beautiful solution of embroidering over them:

(from this blogpost)

i love this! this was a lovely sweater before, but now it looks like something you could buy at anthropologie!

and i’ve been playing with contrasting darning, of course!

but last weekend, while i was tearing around the house, cleaning everything in sight, i stumbled across a baggie holding one of my favorite necklaces, whose delicate chain had broken, and a note reading ‘eliza, get this necklace fixed! love, eliza’. but i was feeling very diy capable, so i broke out my small supply of jewelry tools and materials and whipped up my own solution:



i put a tiny orange glass bead in place of the missing link, held there by some silver wire. it isn’t perfectly done, but i can wear my necklace now! and if i want it more perfectly fixed in the future, it’s easy enough to reverse.

been doing any visual mending of your own recently? or seen anything inspiring?