i subscribe to the idea that there should be a place for everything, and everything in its place. it’s a lovely ideal, though in truth the apartment is rarely in that state. but when an opportunity presents itself to improve upon a storage solution, i am always game. and the prettier the container, the better. there’s a time and a place for clear plastic storage bins (many, actually), but sometimes you want something a bit prettier.

the thing about having a bachelor in fine arts is that as you acquire the degree, you acquire a lot of fine art materials. i have a rather fine collection of colored pencils for example:


but their container? distinctly lackluster! so when i realized that this coffee container was just the right size to manage the job, i was quite pleased.


oh, coffee… how i love thee. ahem. what was i saying? right. ah, but as beautiful as the coffee is, and as fine as the packaging on this is, it could be better…


cue the supplies! exacto blade, my often-friend, occasional bitter enemy, pretty paper, ruler, surface for cutting that isn’t something precious to me. not shown:books by hand ph neutral pva glue. would have been nice, but wasn’t on hand: bone folder.

i cut the paper down to size and glued it down:


ah… that looks much better!

making any aesthetic upgrades for storage around the house? finding any new purposes for food containers?