i spent last week in ireland! if you follow me on twitter or instagram, you are probably already aware! i went with my grandma rita and my aunt karen, and we:

At the flea market in Dublin. One day in Ireland, one skein of Irish yarn purchased.

went to the dublin flea market

At the top of Guinness! Exhausted and about to have a beer!

guiness factory. (obvo)

#nofilter Dublin last night

went out late at night for curry chips, and on the way saw the bank of ireland. by late i mean like 8:30. but we were jet lagged, so it felt laaaaaaaaaaate.

And just for good measure, here's my view while drinking coffee this morning!

enjoyed the view from costa coffee while falling in love with their lattes.

Just gorgeous is all. (In Galway)

breathed in the salty fresh air in galway.

The Cliffs of Moher rocked my entire dang world.

took a day trip to the cliffs of moher.


went to cork.

And THIS is what I accomplished this afternoon! #nofilter #hedgehogfibers #yarnaholic

bought some yarn!

Well played, Ireland!

visited blarney castle.

Tea time!

and enjoyed tea and scones!

more info to come. this trip was amazing, we ate so much really insanely good food, our hotels and b&b’s were lovely, i took some pics of a yarn shop, so hopefully, as i’m sorting through photos, i’ll be sharing all of that with you!