when i start thinking about writing posts about vacations, i always get caught up in how much i should try to encompass and how many resources i should reference and how all of my pictures should be perfect. and then i start procrastinating because that all sounds like a lot of work. so instead, i’ll just do this trip piece by piece.

one of the first ways i prepare for trips to completely new to me cities is by consulting design sponge to see if they have a city guide, and they do for dublin. my interest was immediately piqued when i read about the flea market, as it’s obviously an interest of mine! also, visiting the flea market in berlin was one of my favorite parts of that trip! when i read it only happened once a month, i deflated a bit, thinking the likeliness of our overlapping was slim. but it turned out it was happening the very day we got to dublin! so after checking in at the hotel and offloading our luggage, off we went to the flea market:


one among the many cool things about the dublin flea market: they hire a different artist to design each months poster! some are visible behind the whirlygig/machinery/puppet-y thing above. we ended up purchasing a collection of the first 50 turned into postcards. i intend to hang some up around the apartment. i’ll try to post a picture here when i have done.





(if buying this pouf didn’t also involve dragging it with me through two more cities and figuring out how to pack it for the plane, i totally would’ve bought this)

(anybody else think this mannequin is terrifying?)


the first ‘aran’ sweater i saw. i was temped, because look at that gorgeous superwide block of honeycomb cabling on the front! but these sweaters tend to look terrible on me, and this one in particular did me no favors, so… there it stayed.

super adorable baby shoes in a really excellent color.

so these boots: you’re going to see a bunch of them on this trip. i had a dream a few weeks before leaving for ireland that i was packing, and i was going through this mountain of shoes trying to figure out which pair was right for the trip: practical, sturdy, good for walking, but also cute, and would go with everything! in my dream i found this perfect pair, calf height two tone brown leather boots with straps, laces, and a 1-inch heel. perfect! amazing! dilemma deleted! i was pretttty disappointed when i woke up and realized that i don’t own these boots irl. which led to some serious time on zappos.com, and the subsequent crushes on these (definitely the closest to my dream) and these (also majorly delightful). but with a trip ahread of me, any extraneous $150 i happened to possess, i’d much rather spend once there. i told a friend about this dream, and her response was ‘you should totally borrow a pair of my boots for this trip!’ and so i did! and as i went about my adventures in her boots, i documented them for her!



most of the time the building they hold the flea market in was a food co-op, so they had a cafe open. we ate our lunch there. my sandwich was gone pretty quickly (must have been hungry…), but i did get a picture of the beautiful pizza karen & grandma rita split:

oooooh! there’s going to be many food pics on this trip too! we ate soooo well!

three jet-lagged but enthusiastic travelers