i did something a little crazy when i got back from ireland. my sweater was done, i had just cast off a pair of socks and started another. ness had announced her spring cleaning KAL for the month of april. i had just received an invitation to a friends baby shower in a month, and i was browsing ravelry for stash busting baby knitting inspiration. i found this blanket on ravelry, and became kind of obsessed…

What's this?!?!?! Could it be???? Crochet?!

by the next day i had 12 little circles…

Crochet update! This is a hexagon blanket pattern, so the project is tentatively named 'I put a hex on you'

and then 16. without ever making a real conscious decision about it, i was embroiled in a project crocheting a baby blanket… i’ve never finished a crochet project before (and i am not counting the little bitty flower i made once with emi beside me to guide me through it), i’ve only picked up a crochet hook for steeking or finishing a knit in the last 7-8 years.

This is what having a kitty is for! Crocheting tiny things to make them wear as hats. Much to kitty's chagrin.

baiza had to test them, of course. she decided they didn’t work as hats, but they were good for baby blankets.

This little hexagon matches my shirt! #accidentalcoordination

i started adding the hexagon round after i had like 40 circles…

Progress report on the crocheted blanket!

and here’s the sequencing i’m hoping for. if you look in the picture above, you can see that i have the outside rings matching a diagonal line \ like a backslash, and the inside rings matching in a horizontal row. in the picture below, the external rings diagonal is a forward slash / and the inside rings are vertical columns.


and today i decided i needed an idea of what my final dimensions should be so i could figure out how many i’d need of what colors. i’m using leftover sock yarn, so i’m a bit concerned about running out and interruping the design at key points… buying more yarn would completely defeat the purpose. although i admit, i’m buying the white yarn to pull it all together. sigh.


for the moment i’m shooting for about the size of the coffee table, which is 28″x42″ (71×107 cm), though land of nod tells me crib blankets are more like 36″x48″ (92×122 cm)… by my rough calculations i need about 230 hexagons to cover the coffee table… right now i have 81, and i’ve been working on this for about a month. that’s 35% of the blanket… so two more months until i’m done. hmmmmm.

after doing those calculations, i’m feeling a bit underwhelmed by my progress. but the color relationships have been really fun to explore, and i think it’s turning out beautifully! so wish me luck!

are any of you guys impetuous project starters? tell me i’m not alone in this.