i’d heard about ‘this is knit’ from several different sources, so when i passed powerscourt centre, where it’s located, i decided to duck inside. my main yarn purchasing destination while in ireland was scheduled for the last stop on our trip, so i did try to show restraint in my yarn-y purchasings.


i really really like the aesthetic of shopping centers like this and i wish they were more prevalent in the united states, where the vast majority of shopping centers are huge ugly concrete boxes plopped unceremoniously into acres of unbeautiful asphault parking lots. of course smaller, independently owned stores, which yarn stores tend to be, rarely make appearances in malls anyways…


there were several really nice shops that i wandered through in search of ‘this is knit’, including a modern home goods store which had the knit doily inspired  platter pictured above.


onto ‘this is knit’!


because i was trying to be good, i only purchased a pattern book (colours of shetland, which i’ve been wanting since it’s release!) and a needle felting pen.


they had a section dedicated entirely to irish based indie yarn companies, featuring hedgehog fibres, and coolree, among others.


i have a special soft spot for cream tweeds. there’s something so luminous about them!



the yarn selection is downstairs, as are needles and sundries. upstairs is more of the class space, as well as most of the books.



the shop ladies were extremely kind and helpful, not only with shop related issues. i asked what else of note there was in powerscourt centre, and they told me that the cafe literally outside their door had the best sandwich in dublin (according to the sunday times), but unfortunately i had come to the yarn shop directly from lunch, with the intent to walk to the cake cafe after the yarn store (which the shop ladies were kind enough to help direct me towards), so i could not even contemplate eating a sandwich. i did grab a cup of earl grey to combat my afternoon lag, and that was quite nice!