Jake and I were up in the UP recently for a family wedding. I have frequently marveled at the night sky up there, so far away from the light & pollution I’m accustomed to from living near a city. I’ve wanted to take pictures several times, but have been limited by the camera I had with me at any given time. This time, though, we had the really nice camera with us, so:







These were 30 second exposures, so it was difficult to stay completely still (just like the olden days!). Considering this was our first try at night sky photography, I’m very chuffed with how they turned out! It’s worth it go to the flickr page and look at them in the largest capacity. Our camera is no Hubble telescope, but there are still more stars than I can count! I know others feel different ways about it, but I love being reminded of just how many possibilities there are out there, and how small we actually are.

If you look closely up there (in the fourth image, just under the ‘Road Ends’ one), you should be able to see something streaking across the night sky. Most likely it’s a satellite, but who knows? It could be a shooting star!