I usually publish this post around our anniversary in late September, but I’m extra behind in blogging. I’m only going to bother catching up with the ones I want to, and this is among them. I figure it being Valentine’s weekend, this is an appropriate time to post it.


A family photo (miss that kitty).

Sometimes we get fancy. #sofancy
Fancy times

At a wedding.

With my cousins in New Mexico.

#tbt New Year's Eve. Impromptu get together, kitchen full of food and dishes, dressing up, faded lipstick. Good times.
In a dirty kitchen for New Years.

My handsome date.
And me.
All gussied up for Valentimes*

#tbt to meeting @hrishihirway, my absolute all time favorite podcast, @songexploder. This was the live recording of American Football, which was released today!
Meeting Hrishikesh Hirway, of my favorite podcast song exploder at a live event.

So I can check that off my Bucket List!
May was the month of concerts.

An INCREDIBLY cold may night at an outdoor Murder By Death concert.

Color Run! Made our goal of 5k in under 30 minutes!
Color run 5k.

In Austin, Texas.


I steal hats, Jake photobombs.


Our anniversary dinner, at a very atmospheric fondue place. Decadent, plus it looks like we could be in Crimson Peak. Except we’re too happy. No one is happy in Crimson Peak.

September was six years for us. I love this guy. I find his vision, his work ethic, his passion utterly inspiring, it always makes me want to work harder for what I want. I’m so grateful that he makes coffee for me every morning (It tastes better when he makes it. I don’t even care if that’s psychological, my taste buds recognize it as truth), and that he washes the majority of the dishes (I chip in every now and again). I’m happy to put his needs before my own when his thing is more important, and happy that he’ll put my needs before his own when my thing is more important. I hope that we continue to tackle the hard stuff together. Everything that is fun in life is more fun when I’m sharing it with him.

Six years down, a lifetime to go. Cheers, Jake!

*not a typo.