Right, so let’s be honest, here, I don’t set the standard very high for coolness. Jake and I are as likely to be going to the gym and watching a movie at home on a Friday night as anything else. But I kind of love kid fashion, and every now and again I see a kid who is so damn cool, I just want to be them when I grow up. Kids worth taking fashion notes from:


Look at that awesome old gold/dark mustard linen shirt! I’d feel so cool rocking that. Plus that flower crown is amazing.


Accessorizing like mad with a slouchy hat and a casual lollipop, showing us all what it truly looks like to win at life, this girl is my hero.



Looking rustic and hip with her plaid scarf, and knee socks peeping out over her boots. Don’t you want to go take a walk along the lake and let your hair get casually blown out it’s ponytail?


Right, this outfit isn’t actually ON a kid, but it’s obviously meant for one. But I WISH it was meant for me! Blue polka dot skirt, mustard bag, tweedy jacket, and grey mary-janes, be mine!


And these girls… are chic-er as tweens than I can ever hope to be.


So, anyways. Those are some sartorial inspirations to me.