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i hope you all had a treat filled halloween, with only a few (fun) tricks. i got more than my usual amount of scares this halloween, but they were spaced far enough apart that i have not turned into the ‘creeping-in-fear’ version of eliza.

as i was walking back from the bookstore the other day, (ugh, they did not have what i wanted to buy, though i did finally find a moleskine 2014 calendar planner: mineallmine!) i passed a loft store advertising 40% off of everything! i rarely shop at loft… it’s less of a choice and more that there isn’t one in the mall where i do the majority of my first hand shopping (which is still pretty rare, y’allll). but here i was, and there was the bright sign, doing it’s job, luring me in! spoiler alert: i didn’t actually buy anything. but, i got a lot of ideas and added a few things to my wish list.

what i was going to show you was the soft drapey cardigan i fell in love with at the store. alack, it doesn’t seem to be online! but while i was searching for it, i kinda fell for this beauty:

striped pointelle yoke sweater

i’m a total sucker for sweaters with multiple techniques. it can be easy, as a knitter, to think: this will be a striped knit. and then not look beyond stripes for possibilities. so combining variations of stitches really gets me excited.


stripes on cables is definitely something i wouldn’t think of! but with the soft overall pattern of cabling on this sweater, i love the extra graphic punch of the stripes!

i can’t find what appears to be an original source for this image… this tumblr post is the furthest back i can trace it.

when i first saw this, i fell madly in love. dense lace with a neckline edging of delicate cable? ohmygosh! so pretty! someday i will try this!

similar story here, unfortunately, but different tumblr

i think this sweater is practically perfect in every way, and i want to recreate it, maybe with a slightly less pink oriented color scheme.

this beauty is rililie‘s 2012 cardigan

this whole cardigan strikes me as kind of a play on expectations! rililie really excels at thinking outside the box when it comes to knitting. this is my very favorite detail on this cardigan, but really, the whole thing is lovely! this one doesn’t follow a pattern, but she has several other patterns that definitely would fall into this category!

g-knits beautiful morrison cardigan

everytime i look at this FO, i have to run to my stash page to see if i have any appropriate yarn. i feel like i say that a lot, but i do only share my very favorites with you guys ^__^.

so! which of the above is your favorite? or are there any beautiful inspiration sweaters that you want to share with me? what’s your favorite combo? are you a stripes and lace? colorwork and cables (ooh, i didn’t find any of those!)? what’s your huckleberry?


i had a request for a daydream knitting featuring the sweater that gwen stacy was wearing in the same scene that she was wearing her lovely cables, bobbles and eyelets hat:

from state of graceee tumblr (clicky-click picture for the post), which credits just jared as the original source, but i looked & looked for the original to give credit where credit was due but i couldna find tha picture…

image from quatniss tumblr (clicky-click picture for the post).

snowbird by PiPiBird (who both designed it and knit it: ravelry project page, design page)

snowbird would be the pattern i would use as a base for re-creating this cardigan. it would be easy enough to use stockinette, as opposed to the reverse stockinette featured in the body of the knit. the stockinette edging could also easily be swapped out for garter, instead. the only real question is, does gwen stacy’s sweater feature a hood? i can’t be certain, but the pictures do kind of make it look like it does… a quick google search makes it seem like a little math and effort could make it happen, or you could steal some numbers and shaping from any one of these free hooded seamless raglan patterns

since this is a hypothetical project, upon which i can spend pretend money instead of real money, i might as well say that it would look very close to the original, and quite quite lovely, in brooklyn tweed shelter in the nest colorway, for a nice lofty, tweedy yarn.

normally, today would be a fave friday, but honestly, i’ve been thinking about it all week and nothing felt right! do you have any ideas for me? or anything you’d like to see up on this blog? so in lieu of a fave friday, you get: daydream knitting!

it’s been a little while since my last daydream knitting post! i’ve been keeping my eye out as i go through movies, but either the movies i’ve been watching haven’t featured droolworthy knits, or it’s been difficult to find images of them! but, at last! a new daydream knitting post, courtesy of: the amazing spiderman!

this image is probably a set shot, which i grabbed via the tumblr emma stone daily.

look at that hat! what clay coloured, cabled, bobbled and eyelet perfection! fantastic!

here at casa ifandany, we love superhero movies, and we loved sam raimi/tobey maguire’s spiderman’s (except the third one, obviously, whose existence we try really hard to ignore). so we went to the amazing spiderman with mixed feelings. and actually, at the end of the movie i had mixed feelings, too! but andrew garfield was pretty great. and so was this hat.

i was all prepared to whip up a list of similar looking patterns, only to find that someone (hailey knits) has already made a pattern for this hat! huzzah! go forth and make your own gwen stacy hat (y’know, if that’s what you’re into!).

have any of you gone to see the amazing spiderman? what’d you think? anyone else want in on that hug he gave his aunt at the end? any fave friday suggestions to put into the suggestion box?

it’s been too long, friends, since my last daydream knitting post. i’ve been thinking about them, to be sure.

i never would have known this book existed, but i was playing follow the links through the internet and found a blog post (goodness knows where, i don’t think i could find it again if i wanted to) where someone was waxing poetic about this being one of their favorite books growing up, and describing it in a way that made it sound just right for me.

i love cassandra, the main character and protagonist. i’m not certain, now, if i was just like her, or if i just wanted to be like her, but this variety of dreamy, imaginative, well-intentioned but questionable decision-making and poetic character, these were among my favorite characters… sara crewe, emily starr, etc. so despite that i read this book for the first time in my 20’s, there was a quality of rediscovering an old friend as i read it.

the film is lovely, a fairly good adaptation, as far as these things go, and has some lovely knits in it. here are rose and cassandra in the village, and i thought rose’s blue hat, a fairly simple beret, with purled stripes, was charming.

(the picture links to the source. it’s from kris atomic. here’s another group of screenshots of the movie if you feel like feasting your eyes on some more pretties.)

among the many things i love about british period dramas is their absolute reliability to have some sweet knits in them. (why doesn’t downton abbey?! i desperately want to do a daydream knitting about it…)

speaking of sara crewe, my old book group has decided to sputter back to life (huzzah!), and we’re kicking it off with a little princess, and i couldn’t be happier.

or color blocked, or whatever you want to call it. it’s floating around the interwebs right now, and i have slowly been falling for it… and now i’m completely OBSESSED. the clincher to my new passion?

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

this sweatshirt style sweater by garmenthouse (ravlery: garmenthouse. blog: garmenthouse)

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

dipped kerchief

i lumpin’ love this show. for real, guys. it helps that we just finished watching season six on dvd.

(screencaps found here)

so these images are from the season six’s bottle episode (the blackout in the blizzard). i love bottle episodes, unlike abed. look at brennan’s cute hat! i have been loving really chubby pom-poms recently.

now! if i were to use this as a bouncing point to knit a hat, i have several really good options…

i could take the stitch from cocoon, even though it has a slightly different quality to it than brennan’s, but i think it could make a supercute hat. (side note- jill made one of these that i just modeled* and i’m kind of in love with it.)

also a similar quality is zebraknits coline:

BUT! if i really wanted it to be as close as possible, rather than just inspired by… then groovy cable hat would be the way to go. observe maguidhir‘s:

i like them all! which would you pursue, do you think?

EDIT: ness and anna both gave me links to a pattern inspired by bones’ blizzard hat! as of right now, it isn’t available, but maybe it will be in the near future! thanks, ladies!

*that sounds so fancy! i wore it so that she could take better pictures of it.

we were watching nativity! on christmas day and i saw these cute fingerless mitts. you can almost always count on british films to have abundant knits and woolies!

they’d be easy enough to make. the market mitts from my mitts quick knits would do just fine! so would some toasties, for that matter! one skein as the base color, and a little leftover yarn from some other project for the edges. i’ve been loving that tiny edge that a little contrast provides (as you may know from the cowl i made recently. and on pinterest in these mittens, and i’ve also been loving the dipped quality of these mitts and these mittens)