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FO: once upon a midnight dreary

FO: once upon a midnight dreary <–ravelry project page

pattern: orchids & fairy lights
yarn: tanis fiber arts green label aran weight in colorway stormy
needles: US 6 for the brim and US 8 for the body
mods: i used smaller needles to knit the brim

FO: once upon a midnight dreary

you remember how i waxed poetic about the cheater cables in aidez? well, i put some of that to good use! all the little branches (or stems, depending on how you think of it) are wee little cables in this hat. and rather than pull out my double pointed needle (which is my weapon of choice for cabling) every other row, i used some of the cheater methods from the aidez cardigans cables.

FO: once upon a midnight dreary

this was my second time working with tanis fiber arts green label, and all of the things that impressed me about it the first time were still very much present. it’s a dense yarn with great stitch definition, surprisingly soft, with amazing colors and saturation. that said, i was worried about how the bobbles would turn out, being knit up with a dense plyed yarn. they turned out just fine, but i do think that bobbles would be better served with a fluffier single ply yarn that fluffs up even more with blocking.

FO: once upon a midnight dreary

i wanted to knit this pattern for a long long time before i finally got around to it, and this won’t be my last time! so next time, maybe single ply!


FO: what the frack-tal

does the pattern on this guy look familiar?

a bit like this?

i was test knitting the pattern for the incomparable chronographia!

FO: what the frack-tal

FO: what the frack-tal? <–ravelry project page

pattern: sierpinski’s beanie
yarn: berroco ultra alpaca light in fennel colorway and king cole merino blend dk
needles: US size 4 (3.5mm)

FO: what the frack-tal

i love a good colorwork hat! and i’ve always loved blue-green paired with yellow-green. so pleasing! this is a fairly easy knit. the most challenging aspect is the extra long floats that occur on certain rows (like the widest part of the big blue triangles). since i used lower contrast colors, i could wind them periodically on the really long floats. it’s something to think about though, if you opt to use higher contrasting colors, like the original, where that little wind would probably peep through. if you use a nice woolly yarn, especially a fluffier/halo-y yarn, winding will be unnecessary, as they will grab onto each other and felt almost immediately. the other aspect of the long floats that can be challenging is simply keeping the float loose enough to maintain the correct tension. my very first attempts at colorwork, years and years ago, were puckered little messes until i learned to loosen my floats. so it’s good practice, but it might be challenging if you haven’t dealt with longer floats in colorwork before.

FO: what the frack-tal

this pattern would be good for any math nerds you might know. because who doesn’t love clever and attractive nods to their passion displayed in their clothing? i know i do!

FO: what the frack-tal

it snowed a couple days ago, when i took these pictures. first snow of the year! it was gone within 48 hours. thank goodness, as i don’t think i’m quite prepared for real snowfall. is it snowing where you are?

but mostly needles!

i’ve become rather terrible about sharing projects that are in progress, rather than done! so let’s see where i’m spending my time right now.

Not sure how I feel about the pooling so far... Thoughts?

i picked up this lovely skein of pagewood farms chugiak sock yarn (colorway mardi gras!) from a cute shop in san diego in august. i originally cast on for the 2×1 rib sock you see above, inspired by hedgehog fibres effusive and colorful beauties. but i wasn’t 100% convinced about the pooling… and then i began re-reading all of the harry potter series from the beginning for the first time since the publication of the 7th book, via audiobook. sooooo gooooood you guys. anyone want to majorly nerd out and discuss harry potter in detail? then i found out about the free pattern hermione’s everyday socks, and i realized that the predominant colors were red and gold (for gryffindor!) and that clinched it. knitting was pulled out and re-started accordingly.

Quiet day #PicFrame

this has been queued for a long time. i fell in love with the aidez cardigan when it was first released, and i saw how good it was time and time again as other knitters made it. this yarn has been in my stash forever, too. why the delay? who knows! but it’s happening now! i finished the back, and i’m knitting up the fronts simultaneously. i’m pretty close to finished with the fronts, and then on to the sleeves!

the thing that i love most about the knitting of this cardigan is the inclusion of what i’m calling ‘cheater cables’. in every panel that you knit, there is only one ‘real’ cable that requires an extra needle. the rest are tricky little stitches that look more complicated than they are. which is ingenious! they contribute greatly to the aesthetic of the sweater, but not to the workload! i didn’t realize this before i started knitting it, so it was a nice surprise!


lastly, here’s a horrible picture of the orchids and fairy lights hat i’m almost done with. another pattern i’ve admired practically since its inception, but never gotten around to making! i’m using another dreamy skein of tanis fiber arts for this. the picture does absolutely no justice to it’s beauty. better pictures when it’s an FO! i’m loving the way it’s knitting up, but i do think bobbles are best served by single ply yarn, to increase puffiness. i’m hoping the blocking will help these bobbles fluff up a bit.

anything been in your queue for eons before you actually got around to making it?

who’s your favorite harry potter character? i find i love molly weasely more and more everytime i go through it. i also forgot that the majority of my fondness for snape derives from alan rickman’s casting and performance. he’s such a jerk in the books! i always thought he would ultimately be a good guy, though, because of dumbledore’s confidence in him…

FO: PoPS hat

FO: pops hat <– ravelry project page

pattern: my own
yarn: berroco vintage: blue & black
totally unknown: gold yarn (probably mohair) for embroidery
needles: so long ago, i can’t be sure, but probably US 6 (4.0mm) & 8 (5.0mm)

FO: PoPS hat

images for the hat were roughly based on the end screen that ryan (our co-producer, director of photography, and in this case, visuals man) created for the platoon of power squadron ages ago. somewhere in one of my graph-paper notebooks, i have the charts for these blocked out, and if there’s any interest, i may try to dig them up.

pops endscreen

screenshot pulled from (and then mildly edited) the end of episode 7, part 1.

FO: PoPS hat

the hardest part of this hat was the embroidery, honestly. it took many tries to get things looking correct. i tried many wonky versions of lightning bolts before i landed on these. i’m not certain that this embroidery is literally the best i can do, but after a dozen or so tries, i got to a point where i was willing to stop at ‘pretty good’.

FO: PoPS hat

this was my first project working with berroco vintage. i was curious how this 50% acrylic/40% wool/10% nylon yarn would knit up and feel, and i was pleasantly surprised. it acts like wool whilst knitting. it is soft, and should satisfy most wool-picky people you might be knitting for. it has only a very slight ‘non-wool’ sheen to it. plus, it’s economical with decent yardage. what i mean to say is, when i’m planning a project for people who react to the idea of wool with ‘but it’s so scratchy!‘, this will be one of my first lines of defense.

FO: PoPS hat


FO: sloe berries

pattern: gin and tonic, by the talented julie
yarn: cascade 220 in heathered blue purple
needles: US size 6 (4.0mm) for the ribbing, US size 8 (5.0mm) for the rest


i don’t have much to say about this project. i pretty much knit it according to the pattern. i think i pulled the sitch count down by one or two repeats, but that is it!


okay, so this doesn’t have anything to do with gin & tonics, but while i was writing up this blog post, my thoughts meandered back to the cutest drinkers in cinema history, nick & nora, and this clip of nora keeping pace with her husband:

the specific clip i’m referring to starts at 29 seconds… the video is supposed to do that automatically, but it’s being persnickety right now

‘line them right up here’. #socute

FO: with an olive

this is the second gin and tonic i’ve knit this summer. the first one you’re seeing because i’m still hopelessly out of whack with the blog. i’d better straighten out soon, it’s starting to weigh down on me a bit.

FO: with an olive

FO: with an olive <– ravelry project page

pattern: gin and tonic
yarn: tanis fiber arts green label, aran in the olive colorway, approximately 200 yards
needles: US 6 (4.0mm) and 8 (5.0mm)

FO: with an olive

i had a rough go knitting this hat up. it should be stated, up front and center, that it is in no way the fault of the pattern. julie’s instructions are clear and lovely. i just had to go decide to change practically everything about the way this hat was created and then not pay attention to my own alterations. #smoothmoveferguson

FO: with an olive

i wanted a really deep ribbing band on this hat, and rather than guessing at how much yarn it would take to finish the top, i decided to knit the top first. so i did a temporary crochet cast-on, and picked up 96 stitches (slightly less than originally called for) and knit the top.

FO: with an olive

when i was finished, i pulled out my temporary cast-on, picked up the stitches, and knit 1×1 ribbing as long as i could stand it, until i was nearly out of yarn. then i did a tubular sewn bind off, which makes for a beautiful knitterly finish and makes me wish i finished hats at the bottom more often. i know there’s tubular cast-ons, but i prefer the sewn bind off…

FO: with an olive

a note on this yarn: this was my first time using tanis fiber arts green label, and it is GORGEOUS. it is soft and squooshy and of course the dyeing is AMAZING. i hope the pictures do some justice to it, but man, this color is amaze-sauce, which so many beautiful tonal shifts, and hints of yellow and blue and brown to add dimension. the price tag is a little bit of a stretch for my personal budget, but i’ll definitely be coming back for more of this when i want an indulgence.



does this look familiar?

a bit like this, perhaps:

FO: bits & bobs charlie edition

they aren’t the same hat. but this version was commissioned to be as close to the first one as possible. i think i did pretty well, eh?


FO: striped gradations, a clone, or perhaps a simulacrum

pattern: my own devising

yarn: you know how i love to use up leftover bits and bobs. some lions brand wool-ease, some recycled fingering weight from a thrifted sweater held double, some leftover berroco ultra alpaca fine in turquoise mix held double, some mystery yarn, some brown sheep lambs pride in tahiti teal, some berroco ultra alpaca (worsted) in oceanic mix, some queensland kathmandu aran tweed in charcoal

needles: US size 4 (3.5mm) for the ribbing, US size 6 (4mm) for the body


notes: well, since i pretty much exactly copied my first version, the notes are pretty similar. blah blah, scrap-busting, blah blah, stripes are fun, blah blah, pretty gradation! you know. that stuff!


and if you’re noticing any dark vignetting on these pictures, or any light spots… that isn’t photo editing… no, that’s something i knocked loose in my lens when i dropped it while hiking up a mountain. turns out lens’s aren’t that into bouncing down sand and rock paths. who’d a thunk? i’ll bring it in to a camera store soon enough to see if they can fix it. just some inadvertent style choices in the mean time!

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