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target black cardigan – rummaged/thrifed tank, j crew pants – my gram’s closet vintage coach purse

can i say how glad i am that the fashion rule that navy and black aren’t supposed to both be worn together is defunct? i love dark neutrals. they are my wheelhouse, they are my jam!


did any of you americans do anything fun for the fourth of july? any of you canadians get up to any hijinks for canada day? the rest of you northern hemishpere peeps enjoying midsummer? i don’t know how many southern hemisphere readers i have, but are you bundling up in cardigans and drinking hot cups of tea?



i think 4 & 19 are my favorites. i feel like all of the elements, proportions and colors are just right.


i put the tall wedges in to try to get rid of my conviction that i couldn’t wear them all day. because they aren’t uncomfortable. i just can’t move very quickly in them.


i think i’m getting better/more confident about incorporating color(s) into my outfits. i tend to stick to mostly neutrals with one color pop, and while that is still my comfort zone, i played with multiple colors a handful of times.


i usually select a few things that i always mean to wear, but rarely do, to see if i would wear them more by forcing them into the rotation. sometimes it works, and sometimes it illustrates why i never wear them. so now i can let go of the h & m skirt, see, because it’s gotten fair shakes at being incorporated, and it just didn’t make the cut, no matter how many things it might go with. so i’m sending it off to my cousin, who expressed interest in it when i was complaining about it.


i didn’t wear my gingham dress. i tried it on once or twice for various outfits, but i came to realize that it is just plain too short, unless worn with leggings (like i did here). anyways, long story short, it went to goodwill after a closet purge in the middle of this remix. another item that never made it in was my forever21 tank, which had a similar problem. i need to take up the straps a little bit before i can wear it.


what are your favorites?





forever21 black tank, calico skrit (nee dress) old navy trifted grey tank target belt gifted purse indigo sandals

jill & i went to renegade craft fair yesterday, where my eyes and head got filled up as quickly as my wallet emptied. it was fantastic, i love doing it, but whew! wear comfortable shoes and have a budget! we stopped at milk & honey for lunch, which is always delicious, but the ice cream sandwich (earl grey ice cream with citrus cookies) was maybe the best thing ever.

as you might have been able to tell… i lost some steam this week. i got sidetracked by some other projects (painting a ceiling, lending a hand as pops episode 6 inches closer to release, dogsitting), and unfortunately the remix got backseat a couple of times… but now i’m done! huzzah!




forever 21 grey blouse j. crew cardigan pink thrifted jeans galleria grey wingtips

let’s see… things you’ll be interested in… i spilled some coffee on my shirt today, which is a feat usually reserved for days that i wear pristine whites, rather than greys where it doesn’t matter so much. i spent way too much time thinking about the center part, and then i decided ‘what the hay, might as well revisit it and see how you feel’. turns out that’s kinda what my hair wants to do. oh, and this is outfit 25, re-visited and re-worn so that i could actually document it. and can i just say, it was an elusive creature? i only just managed to sneak pictures of it on it’s second full day about five minutes before it got traded in for pajamas.

oh, wait, that was all pretty boring. ah, well. some days are like that, yo.





target thrifted tee canvas rust cords galleria grey wingtips j crew necklaces

this was another day, where the most ‘effort’ i could manage was putting on two necklaces.


next up is the very last of this remix! w00t! see you there!

i got a little fancy in photoshop for you guys today. i hope you likey:


oh my glob! there’s three me’s! this was, bee tee dubs, totally inspired by stef from diversions cloning photo-editing.



j. crew button down, necklace thrifted belt marshalls red pants indigo sandals


a recent favorite trick for a day when you realize ‘oops my hair’s kinda dirty, but there’s no time to do anything about that now’. french braid into a bun.



j crew seafoam cardigan, belt old navy thrifted grey tank canvas rust cords target wedges

note the first: this outfit was inspired by this pin (which seems to have come from design seeds), because i wouldn’t think of this color combination on my own, honestly.

note the second: i don’t think this was a successful outfit. these two pictures are very kind to this outfit, but it never really gelled. i was always pulling at something or tucking something else. i still like the inspiration source, though. so it might be worth revisiting at another time.




target thrifted grey henley tee, thrifted maxi thrifted navy woven belt indigo by clarks sandals marshall fields paisley scarf for work

is weird that i feel taller in a maxi skirt? like it might actually make me feel as tall as wearing my ridiculously tall wedges from the previous outfit? this outfit was super way more comfortable. and flattering, i think.

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i found them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i found my glorious beautiful red pants that i have been dreaming of and scouting for… for months! at least since last november, when i put them on a wish list.


believe me when i say this was not planned. i was just browsing in marshalls because i had a hot coffee and some time on my hands when i found these for less than $20 (aka- my price range). even when i’ve found them in my price range, they usually look pretty awful on me. if i thought it was likely that these would end up being my 30th item, then i wouldn’t have picked my rust colored cords, because two red/orange toned bottoms? a leeeetle unnecessary.


10/30 <– hey, 1/3 of the way! whoa!

old navy black wool scarf gap thrifted blazer forever 21 grey blouse jake’s belt marshall’s RED PANTS, Y’ALL! galleria grey wingtips


so… jake was taking these pictures after work, and singing ‘i’m ‘a die by werewolf’ and we got silly… plus, i’ve been enjoying gifs, so:

frolic zombie?

yeah, you’re welcome. here’s ‘i’m ‘a die by werewolf’:

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