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crewcuts striped little boys tee canvas black shorts indigo sandals essie tart deco nail polish

weekends are for:
-chores around the house (our pantry is spotless! no expired food, freshly cleaned shelves, totally reorganized!)
-no fuss outfits
-bike rides into town for dinner
-finishing several knits, sewing in the ends, steaming them and taking pictures!
-casting on for a new project (stockholm scarf!)
-watching violent action movies (the raid: redemption. it was amazing! if you like violent action, anyways!)


third time's the charm

third time's the charm
(i get so cold at work. so cold…)

third time's the charm

third time's the charm


j. crew coral button down target belt, wedges that make me feel like a giant anthropologie cream skirt gap thrifted blazer

kendi makes shoes like these look so easy (and in fact, she makes these shoes look easy). i feel like a snail in shoes like these. i move about a mile an hour.

check out me lovely ladies for more outfits: rebecca, ness, and tara!

summer edition

everytime i try to photograph the items i’m using for a remix, i find it very challenging to present them in an attractive manner… i’ve tried something new this time, and while i don’t think it’s perfect, i do think it’s better than previously!

anyways… ready for the contestants?

tees & tanks:
some stripes, a little color, and some grey…

pretty basic, with a little color.

not pictured (read- last minute decision) is my fuschia cotton cardigan as seen here.

skirts & shorts:
i own a ridiculous number of skirts considering the frequency with which i wear them. let’s do something about this!

pants & maxi:
because this is what i opt for over skirts the majority of the time!

i always find dresses surprisingly versatile when remixing.

not shown: my most comfortable sandals ever, also seen here.

you can kinda tell i took these pictures in three very differently lit situations… picking 30 items is a bit of a process for me, and while i’m making these decisions, the sun refused to stay still! can’t say i blame it. as usual, i picked 29. i can’t tell if i actually cannot pick 30 items, or if the idea of having a wild card to cash in later is like a security blanket to me. but most likely it’s one of those two.

joining me in the remixing challenge is rebecca, ness, and tara! whoo! check them out!

coming attractions: my first outfit!

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