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ah, oops! i didn’t get pictures of friday’s outfit, nor sunday or monday’s. but here’s saturday! i had a little internal debate about these jeans. they aren’t technically work appropriate, and with such a limited number of pieces for this remix, it did feel a bit wasteful to choose such casual jeans. but it was saturday, and all i wanted was my comfy casual jeans. i laugh in the face of logic! only time will tell if it will return the favor. i don’t foresee it being terribly dramatic either way, frankly.





rummaged tank top & jeans – gift from gram sun hat – old navy sandals

don’t worry about those lost outfits, i re-capture them for you!






second hand scarf, cardigan, belt, vintage coach purse, bean boots – j. crew striped shirt – gap navy skinnies

a good transition outfit. layers that are light but warm, easy to take off and put on in the fluctuating temperatures. this scarf was my absolute go-to this winter. it’s neutral, huge without being heavy, and warm.



i hope you aren’t getting bored with this ongoing project of mine, because there’s more yet to come! i’m certainly not sick of it, which i find surprising, considering i’ve been working on it for almost three months! yikes.

when we left off i was working on the sleeves:


i’m not sure why they take longer to knit. i know part of it is correlated to the sighs i got whenever i thought about knitting the sleeves. but finally i finished! i was asked to show the front of the sweater, which i had been avoiding photographing… the back was a lot more cohesive and pretty, with a lot less yarn ends hanging about. you can see the striping between the two dye lots in this picture, and also my ‘steeking zone’ in front.


blocking, in the daylight, on the radiator. trying to speed along the process so i could get to the fun stuff: steeking!



once again, i used eunny jang’s tutorial for a crocheted steek. i looked at some other techniques, but i still felt most comfortable with this technique, for the majority of the reasons eunny lays out: it is the most secure steeking option, especially if you’re working with yarn less ‘grabby’ or less naturally felting than the yarns originally used for fair isle steeking. and it is more of a natural extension of the knitted fabric than the sewn steek.


so then i sewed down all of the crocheted edges and here we are now:


and those edges look so much better than the rest of them!

i decided to knit the button band separately and then graft it on at the end. when i have tried to pick up stitches from the garment, i am never pleased with the result. i always pick up too few or too many, which affect the edges. so i’ve cast on 350 stitches, and i’m hoping to work a shawl collar along the top. just the act of casting on 350 stitches is time consuming! and i was doing that while the oscars were on, so i kept getting sidetracked in the middle and having to re-start the count.

i want to do afterthought buttonholes, but i haven’t found a tutorial for a description that i find satisfactory. i might just wing it as i have a fairly concrete idea of how to go about it. but i think somewhere along the line i heard a mention of elizabeth zimmerman having an afterthought buttonhole technique, only i can’t find it in any of the three EZ books i own. so i might try to dig that up before i just wing it.

this may very well be my best documented knit of all time. what are you guys working on?

even though there’s very little evidence on this blog, i’m still getting dressed every day. this outfit is actually from last year, as i had forgotten that i had pictures of it!




target sparkly spangly shirt – j. crew thrifted silver cardigan – gap navy skinnies
gift from my brother necklace – willits saddle shoes

this was my go-to holiday outfit, for all but the fanciest of parties. metallic cardigan with sparkly shirt? don’t mind if i do! add a spangly necklace, put my hair up, apply bright red lippy (not pictured), and i’m set! i love this sparkly shirt. do you think it’s too much for day to day wear? i might try to sneak it in more regularly…

this hair-do is really easy but also not-sustainable. i split my hair into two parts, as if i were going to do two braids, but i just twisted the segments until they twisted in on themselves, and then i stuck pins everywhere. i like the way it looks, but it never felt totally secure.


FO: once upon a midnight dreary

FO: once upon a midnight dreary <–ravelry project page

pattern: orchids & fairy lights
yarn: tanis fiber arts green label aran weight in colorway stormy
needles: US 6 for the brim and US 8 for the body
mods: i used smaller needles to knit the brim

FO: once upon a midnight dreary

you remember how i waxed poetic about the cheater cables in aidez? well, i put some of that to good use! all the little branches (or stems, depending on how you think of it) are wee little cables in this hat. and rather than pull out my double pointed needle (which is my weapon of choice for cabling) every other row, i used some of the cheater methods from the aidez cardigans cables.

FO: once upon a midnight dreary

this was my second time working with tanis fiber arts green label, and all of the things that impressed me about it the first time were still very much present. it’s a dense yarn with great stitch definition, surprisingly soft, with amazing colors and saturation. that said, i was worried about how the bobbles would turn out, being knit up with a dense plyed yarn. they turned out just fine, but i do think that bobbles would be better served with a fluffier single ply yarn that fluffs up even more with blocking.

FO: once upon a midnight dreary

i wanted to knit this pattern for a long long time before i finally got around to it, and this won’t be my last time! so next time, maybe single ply!

FO: what the frack-tal

does the pattern on this guy look familiar?

a bit like this?

i was test knitting the pattern for the incomparable chronographia!

FO: what the frack-tal

FO: what the frack-tal? <–ravelry project page

pattern: sierpinski’s beanie
yarn: berroco ultra alpaca light in fennel colorway and king cole merino blend dk
needles: US size 4 (3.5mm)

FO: what the frack-tal

i love a good colorwork hat! and i’ve always loved blue-green paired with yellow-green. so pleasing! this is a fairly easy knit. the most challenging aspect is the extra long floats that occur on certain rows (like the widest part of the big blue triangles). since i used lower contrast colors, i could wind them periodically on the really long floats. it’s something to think about though, if you opt to use higher contrasting colors, like the original, where that little wind would probably peep through. if you use a nice woolly yarn, especially a fluffier/halo-y yarn, winding will be unnecessary, as they will grab onto each other and felt almost immediately. the other aspect of the long floats that can be challenging is simply keeping the float loose enough to maintain the correct tension. my very first attempts at colorwork, years and years ago, were puckered little messes until i learned to loosen my floats. so it’s good practice, but it might be challenging if you haven’t dealt with longer floats in colorwork before.

FO: what the frack-tal

this pattern would be good for any math nerds you might know. because who doesn’t love clever and attractive nods to their passion displayed in their clothing? i know i do!

FO: what the frack-tal

it snowed a couple days ago, when i took these pictures. first snow of the year! it was gone within 48 hours. thank goodness, as i don’t think i’m quite prepared for real snowfall. is it snowing where you are?



j crew teal cardigan – target grey t-shirt – thrifted belt, skirt – minnetonka moccasins

i dunno if i’ve mentioned this before, but i was one of those teens who was unwilling to demonstrate enthusiasm. especially aesthetically. days where color schemes were recommended (pep rallies, valentines day, st patricks) made me want to wear opposing colors. it’s taken me a long time to outgrow this, and one way which still makes me feel a little weird is wearing school colors for a school i haven’t attended for 10 years. my school colors were gold and blue, if you hadn’t already gotten there yourself.

i went to a college without school colors, or teams, or sororities/fraternities. it was not a deciding factor, but i did definitely felt it was a bonus.



it’s been a slow process, but if i continue on my current swing, in another ten years, i will be the person with holiday-specific earrings, or different wreaths for every season. this idea doesn’t bother me in the least, but no one tell the 16 year old version of me. she’d pull an annoying face.

what about you? were you a team-spirit teen? what were your school colors?

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