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FO: Geode Hat <– Ravelry Project Page

Pattern: Diode Hat by Erica-knits
Yarn: Mirasol Yarn Nuna in Purple, about 1.5 skeins just under 300 yards.
Needles: US size 2, 2.75mm
Mods: None!


I love these bobbles! I really like knitting bobbles, and I find them fun fun fun, but admittedly, sometimes they can be a little overpowering or silly looking on knits for adults. So I love that Erica made it more about a small, all over texture, both by using a less bulky yarn (sport weight) and bringing down the size by reducing stitches. It ends up feeling classic and ladylike! Erica’s original version in navy looks especially classic to me.


This is also the first time I’ve knit a double thick brim. I’ve seen it around the knitting world, and contemplated how nice it must be in the dead of winter, but never actually tried it myself!

As a knit, this is a good on-the-go knit. Once you’ve got the hang of the bobbles, it’s a fairly meditative knit that fits well in a (large) purse. But I assume knitters really only carry large purses. The yarn is a silk, wool, bamboo blend, and it is really delightfully soft. It should satisfy any friends with wool-uncertainties in terms of softness. The silk really contributed to the slouch factor here. I’m kind of tempted to knit it again in a more robust wool for the kind of lovely cheeky wintry height that it seems very capable of.



FO: once upon a midnight dreary

FO: once upon a midnight dreary <–ravelry project page

pattern: orchids & fairy lights
yarn: tanis fiber arts green label aran weight in colorway stormy
needles: US 6 for the brim and US 8 for the body
mods: i used smaller needles to knit the brim

FO: once upon a midnight dreary

you remember how i waxed poetic about the cheater cables in aidez? well, i put some of that to good use! all the little branches (or stems, depending on how you think of it) are wee little cables in this hat. and rather than pull out my double pointed needle (which is my weapon of choice for cabling) every other row, i used some of the cheater methods from the aidez cardigans cables.

FO: once upon a midnight dreary

this was my second time working with tanis fiber arts green label, and all of the things that impressed me about it the first time were still very much present. it’s a dense yarn with great stitch definition, surprisingly soft, with amazing colors and saturation. that said, i was worried about how the bobbles would turn out, being knit up with a dense plyed yarn. they turned out just fine, but i do think that bobbles would be better served with a fluffier single ply yarn that fluffs up even more with blocking.

FO: once upon a midnight dreary

i wanted to knit this pattern for a long long time before i finally got around to it, and this won’t be my last time! so next time, maybe single ply!

normally, today would be a fave friday, but honestly, i’ve been thinking about it all week and nothing felt right! do you have any ideas for me? or anything you’d like to see up on this blog? so in lieu of a fave friday, you get: daydream knitting!

it’s been a little while since my last daydream knitting post! i’ve been keeping my eye out as i go through movies, but either the movies i’ve been watching haven’t featured droolworthy knits, or it’s been difficult to find images of them! but, at last! a new daydream knitting post, courtesy of: the amazing spiderman!

this image is probably a set shot, which i grabbed via the tumblr emma stone daily.

look at that hat! what clay coloured, cabled, bobbled and eyelet perfection! fantastic!

here at casa ifandany, we love superhero movies, and we loved sam raimi/tobey maguire’s spiderman’s (except the third one, obviously, whose existence we try really hard to ignore). so we went to the amazing spiderman with mixed feelings. and actually, at the end of the movie i had mixed feelings, too! but andrew garfield was pretty great. and so was this hat.

i was all prepared to whip up a list of similar looking patterns, only to find that someone (hailey knits) has already made a pattern for this hat! huzzah! go forth and make your own gwen stacy hat (y’know, if that’s what you’re into!).

have any of you gone to see the amazing spiderman? what’d you think? anyone else want in on that hug he gave his aunt at the end? any fave friday suggestions to put into the suggestion box?

it’s no secret that i love to knit hats. they are probably my absolute favorite item to knit. as long as you don’t choose a crazy difficult pattern (or gauge), you can finish a hat in 1-3 days, which makes it a good choice for this close to the gifting holiday.

annepaalandet‘s wood hollow hat.

love the pom poms! this one is fairly gender neutral. in fact, the two wood hollow hats i’ve knit have both been for dudes.

knittingma‘s felicity (free pattern!)

nothing like simple stockinette to showcase a gorgeous yarn. in this case, handspun.

traceynicole‘s opus spicatum (this pattern is free!)

need to toss some colorwork in here, right? i think this pattern is pretty gender neutral, too. who doesn’t like herringbone? and it’s only really the blocking that makes this slouchy. if you just blocked it flat, it’d be more of a beanie style hat. also, i think it’d look pretty cute with a pom-pom…

chronographia‘s pearls and fairy lights (from tinyowlknits orchids and fairy lights)

a little more on the feminine side. so, so pretty. and who doesn’t love an excuse to knit bobbles every now and again? (although, what i’m really looking for is an excuse to knit the deer with little antlers hat. i don’t have quite enough day-to-day whimsy to justify it for myself. maybe for a kid? oh! with imogene’s antlers?)

westknits‘s windschief (as worn by the creator!).

another gender neutral knit, and more of a proper beanie than the rest of them. fabulously simple with a great twist. and chronographia says it is hands down the fastest thing she’s ever knit! which maybe means i should’ve waited til next week to use it…

only one quick knits left, guys! happy holiday knitting!

happy boxing day! i hope everyone had a fab christmas!

FO: sleigh rides and snowball fights

sleigh rides and snowball fights <–rav project page!

pattern: bobbled tam (#31) by cathy caron from vogue knitting, holiday 2008.
yarn: malabrigo worsted in colorway pearl 36
needles: US size 6 (4 mm) from cast on to bind off.

FO: sleigh rides and snowball fights
(i’m not sure why we keep ending up with such close ups of my face?)

mods: one of the things i love the most about ravelry is getting a feel for a pattern before i even cast on. things that look amazing in the magazine/book don’t work out well for many people, and patterns whose pictures i would never look twice at end up being extremely beautiful. looking through the bobbled tams on ravelry, when this hat is knit up per the directions, the lace kind of plays second fiddle to the bobbles. so i took out a repeat of the bobble and lace in the hopes that it would open the lace up a little more.

FO: sleigh rides and snowball fights

also, many people noted how they thought the hat was too long, and cut down on the number of vertical repeats. either my height gauge is completely different, or i like hats a little longer than the average person (the latter is definitely true, the former is a definite possibility); but i did the repeats as called for, and then an extra one, decreasing as much as i could while maintaining the bones of the pattern.

FO: sleigh rides and snowball fights

this yarn is exquisite. i love the subtle neutral coloring, and it shows off the pattern beautifully, in my opinion. this is for one of my best friends, who also knits. we went yarn shopping together and she chose this. there’s a separation that happens to me that i find interesting. what i love to wear, and what i primarily wore before i was a knitter were neutrals. black, grey, off white, browns were the basis of my wardrobe. but when i started knitting, and when i started shopping for yarn, i would find myself drawn to vivid jewel tones, and neutrals would kind of disappear into the background. and it changed the way i dressed. i wore many more bright colors as a result.

recently i realized this, and i’ve kind of been making a move back towards neutrals again, because there are so many absolutely crazy beautiful yarns that don’t need any dye at all. but i was startled to realize how much yarn shopping specifically altered my tastes. have any of you noticed anything about the hobby of knitting changing the way you do other things?

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