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i’m gonna squeeze in the last FO of 2011 while it’s still january… barely.


smoke & daggers <–ravelry project page
pattern: rambled (free pattern)
yarn: manos del uruguay wool clasica
needles: US 6 (4mm), US 8 (5mm)


the pattern is simple enough, but looking over the FO’s, i think it’s a fabulous pattern for trouble yarns that might want to pool or obscure more complex knitting patterns.

this was the last of my two skeins of this colorway. it really lasted well. i made a hat for craig with it, and some fingerless mitts for martha.


i finished this on thanksgiving, actually. and we took some FO shots then, but when i reviewed them, i decided it really needed a blocking before i could call it an FO. it’s taken me this long to block it.

ok. that is all of the 2011 knits. now we can move into the unknown future. bee tee dubs, it looks like monday, feb 6 will be the beginning of my winter 30 for 30 (if we can call what we’ve been having around here winter). hopefully i will tell you all about my picks this weekend.


FO: wild honey
black cardigan target – purty new cowl i made that! – grey ruffly shirt rummaged j. crew – green chinos sale j. crew – yellow tennies h & m

FO: wild honey

FO: wild honey
pattern: avery cowl
yarn: brown sheep lambs pride worsted in wild honey
needles: size US 10 (6mm)

FO: wild honey
you can’t really see it, but my shoes are like a half shade darker than the cowl. made me feel all snazzy.

i followed this pattern to the letter. love it! i could have used more of the yarn, and pushed the knitting another half or whole repeat, but i didn’t. so i have a little bit of this yarn left. ah, well. i’m sure it will prove useful at some point.

FO: wild honey

blocking it made it longer than i ideally want it. this is a problem i keep having, specifically with cowls. with the stitch pattern on this, it really needed a blocking, though. have any of you had issues with that? maybe i’m stretching too much when i’m blocking. i’m really not trying to…

FO: wild honey

we went to get pumpkins! hurray! coming soon: pumpking carving, and seed roasting! nom nom nom!


FO: remnants of the day <– ravelry project page

needles: size US 8 (5mm) across the board.

yarns: i used loads of different yarns here… i went through all of my scrap yarns and pulled out my earthier tones: browns, greys, more subdued greens, blues and purples. i used all different weights, but primarily worsted and arans, with the occasionally lighter bulky weight, and if it was thinner (dk or fingering), i held the yarn double.

remnants of the day

-some brown wool/silk blend handspun
-bits and pieces of leftover noro silk garden (from vine lace)
-practically a whole skein of noro kureyon
-fibranatura shepherd’s own in dark brown (from maikke’s hat)
-leftover pieces of cascade covington (from mondo cozy)
-rowan scottish tweed dk in charcoal
-jamieson’s in denim blue
-malabrigo in black pearl (from sir janks’ mitts)
-berroco ultra alpaca light dark heather green
-queensland kathmandu aran in mushroom (from buttoned down)
-an unknown single ply loosely spun dark brown wool, bulky weight
-berroco vintage in a heathered mid-brown
-rowan felted tweed in purple (from buttoned garter mitts)


it’s super long, and it was super addicting, in the same way that striped noro scarves are. it’s fun to make sequence decisions, it’s easy to think ‘oh, i’ll just keep going until i’m done with this tiny ball of yarn’. it probably could be longer, if i’d picked up more stitches along the edges, or if i’d done a sewn bind-off (can you imagine how long the tail would have to be?!), but i think it’s plenty long.


i picked up stitches for the edge one stitch in, which was way easier. i also tried to knit in ends as frequently as i could, because i knew that otherwise, the post work on this scarf would be oppressive. i used to hate hate hate finishing. that is starting to change, slowly. as long as i have a very zen attitude about it, or i think it adds to the knitterly qualities of an object (like kitchener’s stitch on the rain on bricks, annoying? sure. but necessary for the creation of an elegently knitterly FO? definitely.), then it becomes another aspect of knitting in which i can take pride in my skills…


i have been knitting for ten years now, and my natural tendencies lean slightly towards what could nicely be called ‘a collector’. the oldest yarn i can identify here is from a project eight years ago (it’s the denim-y blue, from a striped garter stitch scarf i made a friend in his colleges colors). i do what i can to dissuade those natural tendencies, but yarn is a hard one for me. so i hold onto scraps leftover from other projects, and partial skeins.


but i am also always looking for good scrap-busting projects. there aren’t enough out there, is my thought. let me know if you find some really good ones! in the mean time, i’ll just keep making striped projects, or colorwork hats!


this scarf is lovely, and huge, and will get tons of wear. i’m already daydreaming about others: maybe an off-white base with green gradient striping? or a grey base with blues and purples? it’s not like my scrap yarns are in any danger of going extinct…

the yarn in question: 2 skeins lambs pride superwash worsted in colorway wild honey. approx. 400 yds.

your options are as follows:

a) the sweet november shawl

(you’ve seen this before! it’s juneberrystar‘s version of the sweet november shawl!

b) inro socks
inro knitted socks
(this is my favorite version, knit by and photo property of postscriptlove.)

c) avery cowl
inro knitted socks
(awesome cowl by melissa labarre… it’s great to see such a beautiful pattern of just knit and purls. back to the basics, y’all!)

d) wayfarer scarf
wayfarer knitted scarf

think about it… think long and hard, friends. then cast your vote!

i will check back around midnight next sunday, and who ever has the most votes then wins!

EDIT: thanks for playing, guys! avery is the winner!

on a side note: ikea is going 100% renewable. awesome, possum!


another day, another outfit! jake called this a “real outfit” (as in one i’d just throw on) with a note of disbelief in his voice. i did try to put some more casual options in this 30 for 30, because let’s face it guys: when it comes down to it, i’m really just a jeans and t-shirt girl.

My creation

the bracelet is a really cheap necklace i bought somewhere silly like claires.

gap-tastic cowl

FO: gap-tastic cowl <–ravelry project page

pattern: gap-tastic cowl as dictated by you lovely folks! (i’ll be doing another ‘you choose’ adventure soon!)
yarn: misti alpaca chunky in marina melange, 2 skeins (216ish yds)
needles: US size 13 (9mm)

notes: i knit this straight. no mods whatsoever. i think it could use a blocking, but until i get around to that, it’s done.

gibson tuck and cowl

i attempted a gibson tuck today. except for the fact that the bobby pins did next to nothing except poke my scalp or threaten to fall out, it worked great. i just took them out, and it’s staying all by itself anyways! garment house mentioned it as a really quick and easy ‘do, so i thought i’d have a go. it certainly is quick and easy!

here’s the project that inspired my current stash/scrap-busting project:

finally finished
(this here photo doth belong to beatka)

finally finished
(this one, too!)

isn’t it beautiful? beatka (info below) has a great sense of color, and i love practically everything she knits.

beatka on ravelry.
ravelry project page for this gorgeous project.
fly-along is her blog.

i have been knitting like a woman possessed… stripes are so addictive!


i did buy a skein of yarn for this stash buster project. counter intuitive? maybe. but i wanted the border to be one color, and i had a background base of cool browns, so… i had to buy one!

(this is more color accurate!)

but i finished that skein completely. twelve stitches from the end of casting off…

i’m all done now… blocking to come! also, i have not forgotten about daily duds. i’ve actually worn several pretty cute outfits this week. i’ll have to try to remember them, though, because it’s been busy around here, and the camera never made it out. also my laptop had a diva moment earlier this week. enough excuses! eliza out.

as you may or may not know, i have been trying to stash bust. i have enough projects mapped out, yarn at the ready, to last me for a little while. i’d like to get through some of those, instead of continually back-burner-ing them.

my rain on bricks was actually a partial stash-buster. between some christmas yarn jake bought me, with the additional yarn purchased with gift certificates, i managed to not spend any money on the yarn. but the cowl didn’t use up all of the skeins, so i couldn’t technically count them as de-stashed. so i came up with another plan.

toast at the seaside

toast! i modified the stripe sequence to suit a much much smaller tube of knitting, inverted the colors, and knit a couple of rows flat to make a thumbhole for maximum flexibility.

toast at the seaside

one down, one to go. if this doesn’t use up the majority of the leftover yarn, i might have to make a matching hat!

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