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cabled cardigan/yellow skirt

cabled cardigan/yellow skirt

handmade cowlthrifted – ralph lauren sweater, mustard skirt – j crew striped shirt, belt, wool blend tights (under the leggings) – target leggings – l.l. bean bean boots

i was having a stupid face day when we took these pictures. so i opted out of all pictures that focused on my face. some days i photograph great, and some days when i review the pictures i just wonder what my face was up to and why it couldn’t manage to look normal. silly face.

cabled cardigan/yellow skirt


here’s the song this sweater is named after:

originially written by jacques brel, but i tend to prefer nina simone’s versions of practically every song she sang. this is definitely my favorite song by her. it translates to ‘don’t leave me’.

FO: ne me quitte pas

anyways! sweater!

FO: ne me quitte pas <– ravelry project page

pattern: the ever popular aidez
yarn: cascade eco plus in amethyst heather, approximately 1.6 skeins, 765 yards
needles: US size 10 (6mm)
size made: 36
mods: none!

FO: ne me quitte pas

i mentioned this while i was in the progress of knitting this, but i was quite impressed with the cabled aspects of this knit. the pattern is set up in such a way that you are only working on one traditional cable (read: needs a cable needle) at a time, and all other ‘cabling’ uses little tricks to make them look more complicated than they are. ingenious! and actually, the trellis cable on the back is the only intense cable there is, requiring active cabling on all right side rows. the seed wishbone cable, on the fronts and sleeves, only requires active cabling one out of every 8 rows.

FO: ne me quitte pas

i used the three needle bind off for the neck, same as practically everyone else, and i’m quite pleased with how it looks. i originally knit the neck as was called for, but while seaming the sweater, i thought i might need more fabric at the neck. so i knit up some additional length in the neck, sewed in the numerous ends, and wore it one day like that. the neck looked like this:


constantly gapping at the back of the neck. it also made the shoulders feel looser, and as an open front cardigan, it kind of constantly felt like it was about to slip off my shoulders. not ideal. so i dug out all of my sewn in ends, pulled it back to the called for length, and re-finished the neck, and it is much much better.

FO: ne me quitte pas

i hadn’t wet blocked it yet when we took these pictures, just steamed the pieces for seaming. honestly, i was wearing it too frequently! i didn’t want to have it out of commission while i waited for it to dry. but it was just a smidgen tight. not unwearably so, or uncomfortably so. i wet blocked it two days ago, and it loosened up a bit, to a very comfortable fit.

FO: ne me quitte pas

i knit the fronts and the sleeves two at a time, which allowed me to perfectly duplicate all shaping, and i’ve found i am not gripped by the malaise that accompanies having to knit a second exact duplicate to something i just finished. i’m now using this technique for all pairs of knitted objects.

FO: ne me quitte pas

i made a few errors, such as knitting the ribbing for the fronts two rows shorter than the backs. but i didn’t find out that i had done so until i seamed them together. it doesn’t bother me at all, but i was mildly grumpy to find out about errors so late in the game, when even contemplating fixing them meant scratching entire sections of knitting to get back to a place where i could fix them.

i am quite pleased with my seaming on this knit. this isn’t the first time i’ve seamed, but it is the first time i’ve made a fully seamed garment!

FO: ne me quitte pas

i like it in purple a lot. i like how visible the cables are in the lighter natural tones that most aidez’s seem to be knit in, but i already own a few cardigans in those colors, so this should be a better addition to my wardrobe.

november passed in what felt like the blink of an eye! i feel out of the loop! i’m definitely behind on my blogging. again. how were your thanksgivings, to those who celebrated it? how were your novembers? did they feel as brief as mine?

i hope you all had a treat filled halloween, with only a few (fun) tricks. i got more than my usual amount of scares this halloween, but they were spaced far enough apart that i have not turned into the ‘creeping-in-fear’ version of eliza.

as i was walking back from the bookstore the other day, (ugh, they did not have what i wanted to buy, though i did finally find a moleskine 2014 calendar planner: mineallmine!) i passed a loft store advertising 40% off of everything! i rarely shop at loft… it’s less of a choice and more that there isn’t one in the mall where i do the majority of my first hand shopping (which is still pretty rare, y’allll). but here i was, and there was the bright sign, doing it’s job, luring me in! spoiler alert: i didn’t actually buy anything. but, i got a lot of ideas and added a few things to my wish list.

what i was going to show you was the soft drapey cardigan i fell in love with at the store. alack, it doesn’t seem to be online! but while i was searching for it, i kinda fell for this beauty:

striped pointelle yoke sweater

i’m a total sucker for sweaters with multiple techniques. it can be easy, as a knitter, to think: this will be a striped knit. and then not look beyond stripes for possibilities. so combining variations of stitches really gets me excited.


stripes on cables is definitely something i wouldn’t think of! but with the soft overall pattern of cabling on this sweater, i love the extra graphic punch of the stripes!

i can’t find what appears to be an original source for this image… this tumblr post is the furthest back i can trace it.

when i first saw this, i fell madly in love. dense lace with a neckline edging of delicate cable? ohmygosh! so pretty! someday i will try this!

similar story here, unfortunately, but different tumblr

i think this sweater is practically perfect in every way, and i want to recreate it, maybe with a slightly less pink oriented color scheme.

this beauty is rililie‘s 2012 cardigan

this whole cardigan strikes me as kind of a play on expectations! rililie really excels at thinking outside the box when it comes to knitting. this is my very favorite detail on this cardigan, but really, the whole thing is lovely! this one doesn’t follow a pattern, but she has several other patterns that definitely would fall into this category!

g-knits beautiful morrison cardigan

everytime i look at this FO, i have to run to my stash page to see if i have any appropriate yarn. i feel like i say that a lot, but i do only share my very favorites with you guys ^__^.

so! which of the above is your favorite? or are there any beautiful inspiration sweaters that you want to share with me? what’s your favorite combo? are you a stripes and lace? colorwork and cables (ooh, i didn’t find any of those!)? what’s your huckleberry?

FO: tinkerbell mitts

tinkerbell mitts <– ravelry project page

pattern: princess mitts from knitter’s book of yarn
yarn: rowan calmer
needles: US size 7 (4.5mm)

FO: tinkerbell mitts

this is my third time knitting up princess mitts (sir janks’ mitts and moss mitts)

these took me a long time to knit because… well… cotton. i just don’t like knitting with it. calmer is by far the best cotton yarn i’ve knit with, but…. it’s discontinued. it’s 25% acrylic, which gives it a lot more elasticity, so it doesn’t hurt my knuckles as much to knit with it.

FO: tinkerbell mitts

you can find calmer online still, which is what i did. these mitts are for my lovely mother-in-law, who is extraordinarily sensitive to wool. i’ve knit for her before with bamboo (wow! so long ago, i did not know how to take pictures of knits AT ALL), but i knew that wouldn’t suit mitts at all (too little elasticity, too much desire to drape). i was searching for blue, and i found this colorway called tinkerbell, and i just knew it was the right choice for my disney-loving mama-in-law!

FO: tinkerbell mitts

what are your favorite non-wool/cashmere/alpaca yarns? are there any hidden gems out there that i don’t know about? or do your knuckles start aching just thinking about working with plant-based fibers, too?


i started with a thrifted old navy sweater (70% cotton, 30% wool, you better believe i’m using the rest of that yarn…).

upcycled legwarmers

made for a friend who moved further north in the middle of the winter and was all the colder for it. i don’t know how much use she’ll get out of them now that march seems to have turned into full-fledged summer. (don’t get me wrong, i’m loving every minute of the gorgeous weather, but the fact that the seasons aren’t acting right does make me a little uneasy…)

upcycled legwarmers

i knew she was jonesing for some legwarmers (like this or this, or this), so i kept my eye out at thrift stores until i found the right grey cabled sweater. (there was one false alarm… the sweater was too pretty to rip apart…)

upcycled legwarmers

i pulled out the seams (except for the sleeves), which has gotten a lot easier for me since reading this tutorial, and unraveled the shoulder of the sleeve, until it joined in the round. i used my size 7 double pointed needles, and picked up all of the live stitches, and proceeded to knit 2×2 ribbing in the round until i ran out of the yarn.

upcycled legwarmers

for non-knitters, there’s tutorials for reusing sweaters and just sewing, like this one right here.

upcycled legwarmers

i need to buy a sweater shaver…

just got pictures of tessa wearing her hat!

TessasInHat - 10

hooray! a pretty girl wearing a hand knit hat!

tessa in nemisis

nemesis <– ravelry project page

TessasInHat - 06

FO post on nemesis

nemisis two

in case you want reminders:
pattern: star crossed slouchy beret (free pattern)
yarn: berroco ultra alpaca tonal in fumar (6345), around 175 yards
needles: US 6 (4mm) for the brim, US 8 (5mm) for the body.

i saved the best for last, of course:

TessasInHat - 18

thanks joe and tessa!

FO Friday! w00t!

FO: nemesis

FO: nemesis <–ravelry project page
pattern: star crossed slouchy beret (free pattern)
yarn: berroco ultra alpaca tonal in fumar (6345), around 175 yards
needles: US 6 (4mm) for the brim, US 8 (5mm) for the body.

FO: nemesis

thoughts & mods: i did my usual little roll brim of three rows of stockinette before beginning a k2, p1 ribbing. i’ve used this pattern before, but i’m not sure i’ve ever actually followed it. i just use the chart and fill in the rest how i like it. but i think it makes a great little slouchy hat.

FO: nemesis

made for tessa! named after this kate beaton comic, and they are my favorite star crossed pair. if you need another link to click, then go look at tessa’s cats, because they are so adorable and i will steal them. from two thousand miles away.

tessa has promised us pretty pictures of her wearing her hat, which i will hold her to, but thanks to mimi for being an interim model!

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