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it was inevitable. i love knitting hats. this has somehow become the year of hats. i certainly didn’t intend for it to happen that way. but last year, i knit more cowls than anything else, and this year, i knit more hats!

hoarfrost by lilalu

horafrost (€3.90) a fantastically simple but not boring hat. great for the guy who wants ‘a plain black hat’, but stepped up just a notch!

dreiecke by svipser

dreiecke ($4.95USD) i obviously like the dreiecke, i made one myself! but it isn’t as stunning as this one! the yarn really elevates this project, and while i like mine, i feel like it’s a bit on the feminine side. and svipser’s really illustrates the masculine friendly aspects of this pattern.

upper east side by jojilocat

upper east side ($4.00USD) this hat is fantastic. i just love this inky yarn and the unusual scalloped patterning. as grumpy as hearing ‘just make me a black hat’ can make me, there is definitely something to be said for it’s near universal quality, as this one beautifully exemplifies.

scrollwork ($6.50) is a nice variant from the expected cabled hat.

garfunkel hat (free). a hat round up could never be complete in my eyes until it featured colorwork. this is a nice basic overall pattern, with room for more intricacy if you want it (check out this excellent three colored version).

need more options? go check out last years hat round up! or the year before’s round up!

if you want more cabled options, check out hipster sister (free), or knotted pine ($2.00USD) for a paneled, asymetrical hat. i can’t deny that brooklyntweed totally has my number when it comes to cabled hats, so you should probably peak at bough and bray (both $6.50USD).

need more colorwork options? i’ve been sighing over fethaland ($5.00USD) lately, and muckle toque is practically perfect in every way as well. or if you want something a little more of the season, go for the bemidji ($5.00USD) and knit yourself some reindeer! i’m sorely tempted to!

want some more feminine options? the morning glory tam ($3.90) is very pretty. if you want bang for your buck, go buy two glasses on pink zin ($6.50USD) and get two patterns in one fell swoop, one cabled, one slightly lacy. or instead of two separate hats, you could go for a two in one deal with mrs jekyll & little hyde (€4.20), striped on one side, lacy on the other.

what are your last minute go to patterns for hats? did you try any new patterns this year as gifts and love them? do tell!


welcome to round 2 of quick knits leading up to the holidays! if you are anything like me, and knitting pairs of things means you need to knit something in between the first and the second, you should probably start working on your pairs now! thusly, it is time for the mitts!

[annepaalandet‘s mitts; worsted weight yarn, less than 200 yards, on size US 6 (4mm) & US 7 (4.5mm) needles.]

pattern is in the blogpost in the original norwegian, or, for those of you who don’t read/speak norwegian, translated care of google. the translation is a bit rough, but between the translation and the pictures, you can get all of the info you need. i have faith in you! anne is working on translating the pattern, and i will update this post as soon as it becomes available! (free free free!)
these are awesome and basic mitts. the nice thing about such basic mitts? you can modify them any which way you want! toss some cables on those puppies! how about stripes? embroider initials or flowers. or duplicate stitch some polka dots on the stockinette body (ooh, i want those!). sew a couple of buttons that serve no purpose but add a little style! or, heck, toss a random offset buttonhole near the edge of the ribbing, and give your buttons some function! why not?

[sushipie‘s hornet mitts; worsted, less than 200 yards on US 5 (3.75mm)]

bramble mitts (free!)
for those of you who get the cable urge, but don’t feel like going to the fuss of figuring it out yourself! feeling a little pressed for time? shave off a repeat at the beginning and save some yarn.

[redribbonfox‘s latte mitts & blog post; worsted, around 200 yards, on US 5 (3.75mm)]

susie’s reading mitts (totally free-stylin’! as a quick note: this project was made using an archived version of the pattern, but the pattern link is to the current version.)
love these mitts. they are the perfect mix of engaging and mindless. they start out with a fun picot edge, transition to a bit of easy stockinette, and end with the same fun edge.

[lolotte1409‘s plomb mitts, sport, 210 yards on US 4 (3.5mm)]

dustland mitts. $6 (USD).
i love these textured gender neutral mitts. these are another one, where if you are feeling pressed for time, or unsure if you have enough yarn, you could subtract anywhere from 1 to 5 of the different textured stripes from the arm.

[antler mittens; aran, around 200 yards on US 8 (5mm)]

antler mittens ($5 CAD).
excellent gender neutral cozy cabled mittens, for those of you who like over the finger coverage (nothing like grabbing the steering wheel in a cold car that has sat out overnight to make you want finger coverage!)

want some more suggestions? try last years post on quick knits: mitts & mittens. or, if nothing has caught your fancy yet, check out zombie vixen (free pattern, for your cousin/brother/niece who llllllloves the walking dead), muckle mitts ($5 USD for some colorwork fun), straightforward mitts (free, with a fun undulating twisted rib pattern), the woodsy association ($10 for 5 different options. make the badger ones for a hufflepuff friend!).

did i miss any of your favorite go-to quickly knit mitt patterns? share in the comments! thanks to all the knitters who were so accommodating with permission for me to show their work!

normally, today would be a fave friday, but honestly, i’ve been thinking about it all week and nothing felt right! do you have any ideas for me? or anything you’d like to see up on this blog? so in lieu of a fave friday, you get: daydream knitting!

it’s been a little while since my last daydream knitting post! i’ve been keeping my eye out as i go through movies, but either the movies i’ve been watching haven’t featured droolworthy knits, or it’s been difficult to find images of them! but, at last! a new daydream knitting post, courtesy of: the amazing spiderman!

this image is probably a set shot, which i grabbed via the tumblr emma stone daily.

look at that hat! what clay coloured, cabled, bobbled and eyelet perfection! fantastic!

here at casa ifandany, we love superhero movies, and we loved sam raimi/tobey maguire’s spiderman’s (except the third one, obviously, whose existence we try really hard to ignore). so we went to the amazing spiderman with mixed feelings. and actually, at the end of the movie i had mixed feelings, too! but andrew garfield was pretty great. and so was this hat.

i was all prepared to whip up a list of similar looking patterns, only to find that someone (hailey knits) has already made a pattern for this hat! huzzah! go forth and make your own gwen stacy hat (y’know, if that’s what you’re into!).

have any of you gone to see the amazing spiderman? what’d you think? anyone else want in on that hug he gave his aunt at the end? any fave friday suggestions to put into the suggestion box?

jake won’t be home til later tonight, so i have to figure out some non-lame way to get some pictures of my outfit. hmmm. also, there’s a sink full of dirty dishes giving me the stink-eye (fortunately, in a non-smelly way). but i’m ignoring those responsibilities for now. it’s much more important for me to sit on the couch, contemplate taking a cat nap, and telling you’se guys about some stuff.

i think it’s about time for some more knitting related stuff, don’t you?

so i’m still working on jake’s sweater (one more stripe and then it’s the ribbing at the bottom edge!), but recently i decided to pull this out of hibernation:

something mysterious

the problem with this project is that i am attempting to re-create a sweater i saw at urban outfitters, and without any idea what the finished product looks like, you have no idea what you’re looking at. so. this is the source material:

front view cable shrug

can you kind of see it now? i spent hours drawing it out on graph paper to try and figure it out, and jake looked over at the jumble of math and symbols and drawings and asked if i was inventing something. i’m making it in cheap second hand acrylic, and i sure hope there’s enough, because i have no clue how i would ever find more…

now, not only am i not sure what type of clothing this is (cardigan? vest? shrug?), but i also don’t know what to call it. maybe framboise? my tastes seem to be running in the raspberry direction lately.

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