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can you tell that jake and i are both total suckers for light flares? we always go out of our way to line some up if the sun/angles are willing to accomodate us. but i mean… can you blame us? sun flares are sooo pretty!



target white tee, blazer- thrifted jeans – old navy sandals

you don’t get much more basic of an outfit than jeans and a white t-shirt. it almost feels like cheating, it’s so easy. but i still just love it.


being around this many beautiful flowers made me want to gather up a bunch and bring them home with me! but i have two plants at home i am desperately trying to keep alive. by which i mean i occasionally remember to water them. what do you mean you don’t have high hopes for their survival? i’m shocked! this nursery has a small fruit stand attached to it, and that’s what we were there for.



i feel like everytime we take outfit pictures, my hand veins are going super crazy. sheesh, calm down guys.








carlyn scarf, dress – gram belt – target blazer, shoes

alright, outfit 4 of fifteen. i’m feeling pretty good about it! let’s see what i’ve accumulated so far

2 shirts- white t-shirt, striped long sleeve
2 layers- black cardigan, camel blazer
2 bottoms- floral skirt, navy skinnies
2 dresses- green dress, black dress
2 shoes- black sandals, striped slip-ons

10 total, 5 remaining.

thanks to jillie for the pictures!

go check out rebecca’s fourth outfit, not just to see how she’s doing in the remix (spoiler: really well) but she also gave me all the feels by talking about our internet relationship!

it’s something i think about not infrequently. people i have met via the internet, and the way that they have affected my life. it’s an amazing place, this internet of ours. ravelry totally changed my life, in terms of introducing me to people, like rebecca, julie, kessa, ness. and reading blogs inspired me to up my game in so many ways: knitting, outfits, my home. it’s given me major life envy for some people, but it’s been a huge reminder in how we are all just people, too. even the biggest, shiniest, prettiest bloggers have their own challenges, and when they post about that, i’m always reminded that we are all just people, trying to make the best lives for ourselves out of what we have to work with.

on the other side of my internet experience, there’s the platoon of power squadron. and reading people’s reactions to what we’ve spent the better part of a year making is so so gratifying to me. i can’t tell you how touching it is, how much it means to me that other people are inspired by it, or it’s become a part of their family experience, or they’ve found it personally useful in other ways.

okay, i’m all emotional over here… happy friday, y’all! kiss a baby’s cheek or hug your loved ones or tweet at someone who inspires you or something! carpe diem!

FO: clean slate cowl

FO: clean slate cowl <– ravelry project page

pattern: state street cowl
yarn: from a thrifted outdated gap sweater that i pulled apart.
needles: US size 11 & 13

FO: clean slate cowl

mods: well, i knit this up on slightly smaller needles, as i don’t believe i own 15 circulars. and considering how massive this knit up on smaller needles, i think it’s a good thing! also, technically i did one row wrong, but good luck figuring out which one!

FO: clean slate cowl

this is a pattern i’ve had a crush on for quite a while, and after my push to finish a couple of obligation knits at the end of 2012, i wanted to work on a purely selfish knit. but my queue of obligation knits is still a little long, so the large gauge and low yardage of this recommended it. clean slate is a bit of a misnomer, but calling it that made me feel a little better…

FO: clean slate cowl

also shown: my harry! hat (ravelry project page, blog post). back to my backlog of knitting and my frontlog of obligations!

at the clifton downs

at the clifton downs

at the clifton downs

copper nails

at the clifton downs

at the clifton downs

target trench coat, white tee, little boys boat shoes j crew thrifted camel sweater delia’s thrifted black jeans thrifted bag of unknown origins

this outfit is half thrifted, and half target.

i originally wanted to do a mini remix for this trip. an 8 in 8 was what i was thinking. we did pack quite light, as jake and i shared a suitcase, but ultimately, i did end up with more than 8 pieces, although some of them were unnecessary (i packed a pair of comfy heels, but still never wore them. i should probably learn from this, as i don’t mind swapping heels for ballet flats or oxfords in a nicer dressed situation, both of which weigh less/take up less space, and there were two items that i only wore once).

i keep expecting this white tee to die on me, as white tees have such a limited life as truly white tees. i thought this day would be it’s last as i managed to express my indian food onto it at dinner, but then! it came out in the wash! the white tee lives on. other outfit notes: i love copper nail polish! but this particular nail polish (china glaze) takes like 5 coats, and was tacky & moveable for 24 hours. after that it was hard as rock, and wore like a rockstar! also, i stole the red lips + camel sweater idea from audrey.

i took a comprehensive amount of pictures at this location (clifton downs), including a panorama of the view, which i am trying to wrestle into a gif with photoshop. it’s going to take me a little while, as this is my first try doing it this way, so:

i o u
(plus many more posts about this trip ^_^)

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