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thrifted cardigan, silk blouse, j. crew skirt – topshop green tights – j. crew knee socks – l.l. bean boots – gifted robot necklace, agate ring

ahhh… outfit pictures in the winter during the work week means pictures in the kitchen! i hope y’all like my kitchen, because it’s about time for:

tall grass banner
(pssst- my brother in law took this picture. ain’t it pretty? he’s pretty talented. go check out his photostream!)

that’s right!


can you tell i had fun making these banners? i couldn’t pick just one.

rebecca and i are gonna kick it off on monday! i have the weekend to make selections (and try to figure out some way to take pictures of my selections in a more than adequate way. i will conquer this yet!) and prep! anyone want to join? we’re gonna try a cool new thing where you can link up! remixing fun!






target second hand cardigan gifted polka dot blouse j. crew navy cords & boots diament designs gold dot necklace, gold belt bracelet lady faye designs ampersand charm. (lady faye and diament were at renegade! the watch is my trusty seiko & the initial ring was a christmas present from me mum several years ago)

i actually had a completely different idea for my ‘back to school’ outfit, but after wearing this to work, i looked down at my outfit and thought ‘i feel like a teacher in this!’. specifically, a subdued emma pillsbury. and that is not a bad thing! i might have to try to channel her consciously next time!

finally got some polka dots, bee tee dubs! when i was doing a recent wardrobe purge, i offered some of it to a friend who’s practically the same size, and she returned the favor. i yoinkered up a couple of pretty pretty shirts.

Back To School | Everybody, Everywear


i think 4 & 19 are my favorites. i feel like all of the elements, proportions and colors are just right.


i put the tall wedges in to try to get rid of my conviction that i couldn’t wear them all day. because they aren’t uncomfortable. i just can’t move very quickly in them.


i think i’m getting better/more confident about incorporating color(s) into my outfits. i tend to stick to mostly neutrals with one color pop, and while that is still my comfort zone, i played with multiple colors a handful of times.


i usually select a few things that i always mean to wear, but rarely do, to see if i would wear them more by forcing them into the rotation. sometimes it works, and sometimes it illustrates why i never wear them. so now i can let go of the h & m skirt, see, because it’s gotten fair shakes at being incorporated, and it just didn’t make the cut, no matter how many things it might go with. so i’m sending it off to my cousin, who expressed interest in it when i was complaining about it.


i didn’t wear my gingham dress. i tried it on once or twice for various outfits, but i came to realize that it is just plain too short, unless worn with leggings (like i did here). anyways, long story short, it went to goodwill after a closet purge in the middle of this remix. another item that never made it in was my forever21 tank, which had a similar problem. i need to take up the straps a little bit before i can wear it.


what are your favorites?

i found some more unposted outfits while going through my photos. i got really close to finishing and then i stopped. need to re-gather steam and finish up on that… anywhose!

outfits from the archives

j. crew cardigan, boots lands end blouse gifted skirt forever21 belt old navy scarf

i’m not certain this outfit ever made it out into the world…

outfits from the archives

outfits from the archives

j. crew chambray shirt target skinny jeans converse green high top chuck taylors thrifted purse and tie clip

these were more about my thrifty finds than my double denim outfit. a friend asked me to keep an eye out for a tie clip a while ago, and i finally found one! i actually really liked it on the purse. a tiny detail, for interest! but now my friend has the tie clip, and the purse broke. so…. yeah.

i just bought an external hard drive, something i’ve been meaning to do for eons and eons. so now i’m going through the last several years worth of pictures, weeding out and deleting all of the out of focus, extraneous, unattractive and generally unnecessary photos that i’ve been too lazy to delete previously. after the weeding, i’ll toss them on the external hard drive, but! as i’m going through them, i’ve found a few outfit photos from days of yore (ie- last summer) that never got blogged, and i thought… well, why not share them?


old navy dress j. crew chambray forever21 belt mystery boots

ah… this picture was taken after spending about an hour in the car. i was the ‘navigator’ and got us supremely lost (my ability to get from a to b and a to c is very sound, but when you have to get from b to c… it gets tricky), so i was a tad grumpy at myself when these pictures were being taken. plus, i had taken my cue from this pin, and did not feel that i had succeeded in the sweet casual chicness of that outfit. thusly, it never made it to the blog.


forever21 dress, belt indigo sandals

i wore this to a friends beautiful outdoor wedding (haha! that features a photo of jake & i fist bumping the bride & groom, i’d totally forgotten about that). dressing for events is one of the reasons i actually started documenting my outfits. i can get quite stressed out about looking right for certain types of events, especially weddings or fancier parties. i tear out a mountain of clothes, try on different outfits for a while, and can generally stress myself out. i would love to figure out one really fabulously fool-proof wedding outfit (something like this would be fabulous!), but that is easier said than done.

i’ll let you know if i find any others!



j. crew chambray shirt
rummaged belt (tag was cut out)
anthropologie skirt (super sale! $10!)
unknown quantity gifted motorcycle boots


also rummaged: blue sunglasses that resemble ray-bans but have absolutely no branding on them, and my little crossbody black coach bag (probably from the ’80’s and in need of a little lovin’).


another day, another outfit! i actually got my first ever compliment from a stranger on my outfit today! i’ve had ‘oh, i like your blouse’ and stuff before, but never such a thorough compliment! how nice! i was too flummoxed to tell her that i liked her lipstick.

*title is from the episode jaynesville of firefly

**also thanks to jillie for pictures! she’s got such a way with the camera!

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