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handmade triangle loop cowlcanvas crewneck sweater – anthropologie coral skirt – target shoes

when i decided to put this skirt in the remix, i thought it would make a nice bright color injection. now that it’s legitimately cold around here (between 0-20 farenheit or -6 to -17 celcius range), i’m wondering why i chose this flimsy, ridiculous skirt. but i doubled up on the tights (wool blend under regular) and i felt a little more cheerful every time i looked down at my super bright skirt (it helps that i found it on super-dooper less than $15 sale at anthropologie! those are the prices i like to pay, and i always feel chuffed when anthropologie is willing to offer them to me).



also, it should be noted that i didn’t wear this sweater two days in a row. i never got a chance to take pictures yesterday. i shall re-don outfit numero seven later this week and sneak it in, non-sequentially.

what are you doing to brighten up your winter days?







thrifted scarf & belt gap thrifted blazer j crew white blouse pink thrifted jeans galleria grey wingtips

i’m getting to the point in the remix now where i’m really starting to miss access to the rest of my wardrobe. don’t get me wrong, i still have some outfits up my sleeve. (more than enough, in fact. i’m kinda thinking about doing a mini photoshoot at the end of any outfits i didn’t get around to wearing for this remix, actually.) but there have been a couple of days where i have had to haggle myself into wearing something more interesting than jeans and a comfy shirt. there’ve been several times at work where i’ve thought longingly of all the woolly sweaters i own that aren’t in this remix.






j crew coral blouse, belt, skirt h & m navy tights target wedges

i like colored tights, right? but about half the time, when i try to wear them, i feel like i didn’t get it *quite right*. like here… the coral shirt and the navy tights aren’t quite jiving for me. i can’t tell what should be different, though. or is something else throwing it off? thoughts?


14.30 Collage



gifted hat j crew borrowed blouse jake’s borrowed belt pink thrifted jeans indigo sandals

i didn’t paint my nails to match this shirt… but i did decide to wear this shirt once i realized it matched my nails.

(tart deco is the color of my nail polish. according to essie. i’d call it borderline neon coral, myself. but that doesn’t have the same ring)

third time's the charm

third time's the charm
(i get so cold at work. so cold…)

third time's the charm

third time's the charm


j. crew coral button down target belt, wedges that make me feel like a giant anthropologie cream skirt gap thrifted blazer

kendi makes shoes like these look so easy (and in fact, she makes these shoes look easy). i feel like a snail in shoes like these. i move about a mile an hour.

check out me lovely ladies for more outfits: rebecca, ness, and tara!


i finally have a new FO to share with you! huzzah!


FO: triangle loop: coral and cream <– ravelry project page

pattern: triangle loop by erica-knits
yarn: stonehedge shepherds wool in coral and one skein of beautiful natural cream yarn from a b&b in ireland where my silster (that's my new slang for sister in law. it's much easier to say than sister in law. let's see if we can make it catch? it'll be so streets ahead. or fetch.) stayed, from a sheep on premises. there wasn't quite enough, so i used a few yards of fibranatura shepherd's own, leftover from maikke's hat.
needles: US size 8 (5mm) circulars


now, when i pulled out the crochet chain i made for the provisional cast-on, i realized that i was hella confused by the idea of kitchenering a colorwork row. and i definitely wanted it to look as seamless as i possibly could. what i ended up doing was pulling a piece of yarn through the cast-on edge, very loosely for the max elasticity, to make sure nothing would unravel and to have the least amount of bulk possible, and then re-creating (via kitchener stitch) the cast-on row. so there’s one row hidden under all of my knitting. but it looks seamless, and unless you go around squeezing the cowl, i doubt you would find the kitchenered edge.

(the cast-on/kitchenered row is facing the camera. can you find it?)

here’s a picture from pinterest that shows what i did a little better:

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

so that, minus the bulk of the cast-on/cast-off. originally from anonyknits. click on through the pic to the original, or, hey here’s a link: anonyknits on seaming, if you want more pics of her process.


this location, by the way, is an old warehouse where we were shooting pops last weekend. the aesthetic part of me was like ‘oooooooooh, textures, ooooh, decay, oooooh, so pretty!’ and the sensible part of me was like ‘touch as little as possible and wash your hands about a dozen times’.


i believe i have told you all before that stonehedge fiber mills shepherds wool might possibly be my favorite basic worsted yarn of all time.

i’d been meaning to make this pattern forever. door sixteen grew my love of triangles, and you all know i’ve been into cowls… this FO isn’t actually the one i’ve been daydreaming about, though. this just happened. in my imagination, i adapted the cowl pattern into a version of this pin:

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

using this gorgeous palette, and turning the triangles into pinwheels. maybe this will still happen, but now you know about my daydream. that will have to be enough for now, my darlings.

that’s the only justification i have for this silly face.

h & m jacket
thrifted gap sweater, enzo angiolini shoes
target blouse, jeans

i’m a little on the fence with these shoes. are they a little too old for me? or just classic? either way, they are comfortable, and totally work appropriate.


i was shopping with friends at west elm this weekend. i should’ve taken off the jacket for at least one picture. i thrifted this sweater a week or two ago for a few dollars, it’s a little big on me, so i thought of taking it apart for yarn. but i folded up the cuffs a couple times, and i’ve been reaching for it almost every day as a perfect light weight spring layering piece. it’s warm and slouchy, but not opressively winter-y, it’s got some really nice details, while still being basic… i’m not sure that i will take apart at all, in fact. you’ll be seeing more of it at the rate i’ve been wearing it.

does that ever happen to you? you buy something, and it feels so perfectly right that you work it into every outfit for a week?

in a moment of weakness, i gave into my natural inclination towards cast-on-initis and started a coral and cream triangle loop (because there isn’t enough coral in my life already, i guess?):

triangle loop- cream & coral

hooray for triangles!

the coral craze continues:

coral crazed

as does the knitting on the immie tee. i have commenced the first sleeve!

last night i made beer bread:

beer bread

also, chili, while it’s still cool enough to enjoy. it will probably be the last chili for a while.

and i bought myself a treat:

runonculus & lilac

ranunculus! the lilac is cut from the tree outside our door, and smells divine. while planning my wedding several years ago, i was disappointed to realize that having an autumn wedding cut me off from the possibility of ranunculus. they are so romantic, don’t you think? i loved what i ended up with, though!

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