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cabled cardigan/yellow skirt

cabled cardigan/yellow skirt

handmade cowlthrifted – ralph lauren sweater, mustard skirt – j crew striped shirt, belt, wool blend tights (under the leggings) – target leggings – l.l. bean bean boots

i was having a stupid face day when we took these pictures. so i opted out of all pictures that focused on my face. some days i photograph great, and some days when i review the pictures i just wonder what my face was up to and why it couldn’t manage to look normal. silly face.

cabled cardigan/yellow skirt


colorblock rikke, bitsy & bobbsy (II), mistake rib hat

21 finished objects: 13 hats, 2 sweaters, 2 scarves, 1 cowl, 1 pair of mitts, 1 pair of socks, 1 toy. a slightly ridiculous amount of hats. an unprecedented amount of sweaters. 1,561 yards, though that is a very approximate conjecture. as opposed to last years 16 finished objects: 4 cowls, 4 hats, 2 mitts, 1 pair of socks, 1 pair of slippers, 1 pair of legwarmers, 1 camisole, 1 sweater, 1 baby blanket. so less diversity than last year, but more FO’s.

rosy fingered dawn, honey block hat, belafonte

goals for 2012:
publish one pattern
knit one sweater (doesn’t have to be for me!)
finish 20 knits
knit for pleasure
knit selfish
go back to spinning. maybe 6 skeins?

with an olive, winter is coming, bough

welp. i failed at a few of those. no patterns published, as i never could choose one to start pursuing! and i didn’t spin 6 skeins, though i did actually start making headway on that goal! i think i got 2 skeins spun up? but the balance on my spinning wheel got a little wonky, and i still need to get that looked at.

what the frack-tal, reduced circumstances, pops hat

but i accomplished more goals than not! 21 FO’s, one more than i hoped for! 2 sweaters! knitting for pleasure and knitting selfishly. this was kind of a big deal for me. in 2012 i experienced a bit of… knitting malaise. primarily due to taking on projects i did not have enough interest in. so i tried to be more careful about the projects i took on this year. i tried to make sure that even when i was knitting for others, that i was making choices consistent with what i wanted to be making. and it worked out! i’m still knitting a little less than i used to. but my peak was when i spent a minimum of 10 hours on a train every week. i don’t commute by train anymore. and now that i’m more active in the producing of PoPS, i don’t know that i can expect my output to equal those heights. and that’s okay. it’s just an adjustment.

stripey magee, tinker bell mitts, el pescador

this next year:
– de-stash. i want to have a stash that inspires me, not weighs me down. i don’t mind how i de-stash. it doesn’t all need to be knit up, i can donate, gift away, whatever. right now my ravelry stash claims i have 93 yarns in my stash. let’s aim for… 85 by next year? i would also like it all to fit in the closet i have allocated for it.
– try a new technique. i made a toy for the first time this year! one of the things i love love love about having knitting as my favorite hobby is that there are always new ways to challenge yourself, to learn more. if there’s a ceiling to what you can know about knitting, i’ve never glimpsed it! that said, i certainly can get sucked into remaining in my comfort zone. so this year, i want to make sure there’s at least one adventure! maybe brioche stitch? i’ve never done that. or stranded colorwork with more than 2 colors per row? maybe it’s time to get over my intarsia aversion?
– work from some new designers. while i was doing the round up, i realized how many designers i admire but haven’t knit from! so i’d like to try at least one design by joji and alicia. i’ve admired both of their styles for quite a long time now, but never made anything they’ve designed!

once upon a midnight dreary, ne me quitte pas, sloe berries

and i’m keeping the following:
– knit 20 objects. this is just a goal, not a resolution. i’d be happy with less, if they were a little larger in scope this next year.
– keep spinning. i was really loving getting back to it before i got interrupted.

slow news day, turn a square, clean slate cowl

i think that’s plenty to accomplish, honestly! i wouldn’t mind publishing another pattern, but i’m still not sure which one to pursue, so i’m not going to toss it on the official list. what did you knit this year? which was your favorite project? are you making any goals for the new year?



handmade from recycled yarn cowl – hand me down old navy (i think?) sweater – thrifted belt – second hand jeans target wedges

whoa. didn’t realize this outfit was almost entirely second hand in one way or another until i was writing the description. this cowl is still getting a lot of wear.


rebecca tagged me in a five random things post! i’m kinda terrible about these type of things. as soon as someone tells me to say something random about myself, i blank out. what’s my name? whose life is this?

– i fainted at my mom’s wedding. i was 12. it made me fairly terrified of weddings. so i was actually pretty pleased when jake wanted his sister to stand up for him at our wedding. i made my little brother stand up for me. any which way i could fall, there was a dude to catch me. thankfully, i made it through my wedding without fainting.

– twizzlers are my favorite candy. sometimes i’ll bite off each end and use them as a straw. because i’m totally an adult.

– i don’t eat seafood. or anything that lived in water.

– i wasn’t terribly keen on my name when i was younger. i can’t really remember why i didn’t like the name eliza? maybe because it’s a little old fashioned and rare? i grew into it, and i love it now, but when i was 9, i really really wanted my name to be ‘cherry’. i thought that name sounded *very* glamorous.

– i didn’t see the ocean until the summer i was 15. but that summer i managed to make it to both the atlantic and pacific coasts.

sunset at moonrise
i’m really proud of this photo. i can almost never capture these kinds of skies.

ah! i gotta nominate my own set of five! here we go…

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a lone rose petal

i saw this lonesome rose petal hanging out by itself, and i found it terribly evocative. bruised and marooned a week after valentines, on the cold cold street. oh, you lovely thing.

fancy nails

my nails are awfully fancy right now. the old gold is s-age is just a number from sephora. anyone have any light to shed on that name? the lines (inspired by this pin) are just black sharpie, with a top coat dashed on top.

i pinned this grey striped button down from free people, and then later that evening jake and i watched shawshank redemption (so good), and their prison shirts were remarkably similar, so i thought maybe i ought to wear my grey striped shirt.

stack o' bracelets

i like that it has contrasting fabric inside. i always find that a nice touch. i put a little extra effort in via a stack of bracelets that jingled and jangled all day long.

clean slate cowl

my clean slate cowl has been getting a lot of wear since i finished it. i got the pin at the flea market, and immediately used it to pin the cowl closed, which makes it much warmer. i don’t know what such a gigantic industrial pin was used for, but i love it on my chunky cowl.

brussels sprouts!

those brussels sprouts. because they are one of the best recipes the internet has brought me. fast, delicious, healthy, cheap. we eat them close to once a week. we’ve modified them to add a slice or two of bacon (trader joes has this great turkey bacon. so good that it’s become out default bacon. less guilt, yo.) chopped up with the sprouts. and this time i had some broccoli left over from something else, so i chucked them in, and hey, why not a little onion, and it was so good with a little sriracha on top!

talk at me guys. any nails catching your fancy? spent more time wondering about the names of nail polishes than they probably merit recently? or lipstick. those usually have fun names, too. what’s the best recipe you’ve found on the internet?

FO: clean slate cowl

FO: clean slate cowl <– ravelry project page

pattern: state street cowl
yarn: from a thrifted outdated gap sweater that i pulled apart.
needles: US size 11 & 13

FO: clean slate cowl

mods: well, i knit this up on slightly smaller needles, as i don’t believe i own 15 circulars. and considering how massive this knit up on smaller needles, i think it’s a good thing! also, technically i did one row wrong, but good luck figuring out which one!

FO: clean slate cowl

this is a pattern i’ve had a crush on for quite a while, and after my push to finish a couple of obligation knits at the end of 2012, i wanted to work on a purely selfish knit. but my queue of obligation knits is still a little long, so the large gauge and low yardage of this recommended it. clean slate is a bit of a misnomer, but calling it that made me feel a little better…

FO: clean slate cowl

also shown: my harry! hat (ravelry project page, blog post). back to my backlog of knitting and my frontlog of obligations!

last FO post from my 2012 knits. only a few weeks late, no biggie! i only finished it in march! of 2012! and these pictures were taken in december!

colorblock cowl

FO: colorblock cowl <– ravelry project page

pattern: angora snood
yarn: wolle rodel kid-mohair, 4 skeins (one lilac, 2 purple, 1 blue), 440 yards (total. each skein is 110 yards)
needles: US size 6 (4mm)


the yarn was a present from my grandparents, who brought it back from a trip to southern germany.





isn’t the halo the funnest thing to photograph when it comes to mohair?




thrifted gap shirt, wool pleated skirt* – handmade cowlblowfish shoes – double tights for warmth

this outfit was brought to you via me via this pin, via honey kennedy via jo gordon. yay internet!

*i’m not sure i can actually call this skirt thrifted? it came from a closet at my grandparents, which meant it belonged to someone else in the family before me (aunt? cousin? grandma?). there’s a treasure trove of vintage clothes just waiting at my grandparents. i hope someday to have an excuse to borrow her floor length magenta sheath dress from the ’60’s with a swooping back, because it’s stunning. hopefully i’ll fit into it when the time comes, too… both my grandma’s were slightly more petite than me in their 20’s and 30’s. there’s also a rainbow of kilts and plaid skirts in those closets, as that’s my scottish side. i like them, but i’ve never really managed to integrate that into my day to day style.

so, i’m getting my hair cut tonight. and as usual, i’m torn about what to do. i’m one of those people who acts brave about making big decisions, but as soon as that piercing gun is approaching my ear, or the roller coaster is climbing the first big hill, i’m thinking (and sometimes yelling) ‘WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!?!’ so part of me is thinking: my ends are fried, i should probably just chop off quite a bit, it’s been a while since you had short hair, it’s just hair, it grows back. this part of me is thinking maybe kind of an angled bob (probably without the bangs), or shaped like this kinda, but of course poufier and wavy/culier than either of those, more like this on a really good day (except without the gorgeous jessica alba face attached). the other part of me says: just take off a little, you love the length, what about braids, you’ve been into braids recently, you’ll cryyyyyy without it. guys, i’m a total weenie when it comes to hair cuts. it’s really ridiculous.

so. my questions to you are this: do you have any closets in a family members house full of generations worth of cloths? have you gotten anything amazing from it?

and: what should i do? should i go crazy and chop off a few inches? cowboy up, eliza, it’s just hair?

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