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like i mentioned yesterday, i’ve been feeling a little burnt out. but i thought i’d put a little extra effort into my outfit today. fake it til you make it, right? that’s my m.o. so i took the time to put on my face, and a little jewelry. of course, you can barely tell in the pictures… but who cares?


it was overcast and dreary and twilighty all day today. i need to bring my attitude around to liking that instead of wishing for more sunshine. this sweater has about a dozen tiny holes in it, probably from some baby bug. so i need to do the whole ‘stitch in time’ thing. at this point i can probably just duplicate stitch them, but if they grow then i may have to…. (shudder) darn them…

on my lunch break, after taking pictures, i went to a coffee shop and had a little down time knitting. i wish i could do this more often. i’m perfectly happy wasting time with a cappuccino and my knitting. right now i’m working on a test knit for erica of the broadcast sweater.


i’m not great at naming things (i think i’ve mentioned this before, and this won’t be the last you hear about it), so i’m proud to already have a name for this project: ‘slow news day’. after britta. who would totally wear this sweater. probably with a leather jacket and some awesome boots.


it’s been too long since my last daily duds:


this is very possibly my favorite sweater. it tends to get worn at home, in the evenings when i get cold. when it dies, i will be very sad. and then i will try to remake it. i’m in the market to be tempted to buy red skinny jeans (in case my shopping fairy godmother is listening, i would also accept purple!). until i find some cheap enough to legitimately tempt me, i make do with these thrifted cerulean cords. but i’m a scaredy-cat when it comes to making outfits with them. i stick to grey and black (boo! boring!). what would you pair with bright cerulean cords?


also, i’m completely OBSESSED with knitting my cowl. i love it! i stole knitting time while sitting at red lights on the way home. i’ve got it bad for this one…

whee! all done! that pretty mosaic up there took me some blood, sweat, and tears. wait, that isn’t accurate. it took time, patience, and expletives. that is accurate. i used this tutorial to make it, in case anyone is interested in how to make a photo mosaic in photoshop. (the circles and numbers were added in illustrator, though, because i find that easier to use for texty things). so we can chalk ‘photoshop mosaics’ up to ‘one more thing eliza learned from her 30 for 30’.

alright, let’s get down to the good stuff, shall we?

i came in with 29 pieces. i didn’t swap anything out. i added in the grey wool skirt as my 30th piece two thirds of the way through. because of what i learned from my summer 30 for 30, i was able to make way better picks this time around. i picked more color, i made sure i had multiple shapes and lengths, and nothing duplicated. i could keep going with these same 30, i definitely haven’t tapped all of their possibilities, but i am totally ready to have access to the rest of my wardrobe.

i never wore the jean jacket i had in here. also, from this selection, i’m definitely getting rid of the jean pencil skirt (too small). but i think i actually really like the grey vest.

my favorite outfits? destined to be repeat offenders? 1, 3, 5, 9, 11, 15, 20, 22, 27.

i am worried about doing another 30 for 30 in the coming months (a winter one, say). it was already a bit of a struggle to get daily picks taken when there was still daylight.

anyway- do you guys have any thoughts on this 30 for 30? am i getting any better at the business of dressing myself? as long as i don’t leave the house unclothed, then i am fundamentally succeeding. (this is what i tell myself when my outfit is boring)

today is a great day to enjoy a cup of coffee outside. i hope the same is true for all of you.


got to wear a new necklace from my seester-by-law today. i’m afraid several items i put into this 30 for 30 are going to need to be removed from active duty when it’s over… sad. this shirt is among them. i’ve got my eyes out for a suitable replacement. i love the shape of this shirt. i was half thinking of making a new one… i have a purple flannel in my tiny fabric stash and in my imagination that shirt looks awesome. but in reality, i have no idea how the woven fabric would react… any thoughts from the peanut gallery?

My creation

last day for voting on my current choose your own adventure. my avery cowl is blocking, by the way! so you’ll be seeing it soon!


we were in milwaukee today. it was most excellent. while driving around, we were listening to their alternative radio station. i try to keep negativity off of this blog, but can i just say: it makes me so peevish that i live by the third largest city in the united states, but i have to go to the 28th largest to find a decent alternative station?


i tried my hand at an old friend: the casual bouffant. okay, so it’s a very conservative bouffant, less bouffant and more… a little height/body. so it’s an eliza-bouffant. knitxcore had some dancing in grocery stores on his blog yesterday. and there’s nothing like a cute girl in an excellent leather jacket to make me want to bouffant. (for the record- i took him up on the challenge, and danced in a bookstore yesterday. i didn’t have to go to the grocery store yesterday. thus: bookstore.)


i tried something new with my shoes, inspired by this pin. that is something i love about pinterest. i’ve owned these boots for months upon months upon months, and it never occurred to me to wear them differently. but i tried something new today, and call me silly, but it made me feel a little punk. it gave me a little swagger all day long. it’s like i occasionally say: the details make it.

enough about me! i’m boring! pictures from our day in milwaukee:

the nommiest cake in all of milwaukee. found here.

post cake consumption.

la lune.

at the craft show that my papa-in-law is in.

oh yeah! and, in case you haven’t had your fill of me yet:

i chirp now.

the first sixteen outfits:


i’ve worn my motorcycle boots and used a brick background seven times.
worn a belt six times.
my skinny jeans five times.
used my remote four times.
worn my grey t-shirt dress, my moccasins and grey cords three times.
worn my grey cabled sweater, my yellow sweater, my striped shirt two times.
i have one item that is yet to be selected.

do you want to weigh in? which outfit has been your favorite so far? am i relying far too heavily on these boots? or were they just asking for it by being so friggin cool?

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