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happy wednesday, all! i’ve got a couple things in the works right now…

socks + reading

i’ve finished knitting the glynis socks! i’m very happy to be done with these socks. they just need a soak and a blocking. they were made for someone with smaller feet than yours truly, so my sock blockers would stretch them out wayyyy too much. so last night i played around with bending a wire hanger into a smaller sock blocker, using mine as a shape guide. it looks like it should work! so, i just need to make another appropriately sized sock blocker, and then soak the socks!

every other day is what i’m in the middle of reading right now. it’s fun and fast-paced, action-packed and engrossing. i find myself wishing i could wikipedia things that are exclusive to the mythology of this series, a sure sign its charms are working on me!

kimmie tee

i cast on for the immie tee a day or two ago! i have loooooved this adorable tee since i first saw it, and i’m using pregnant friends as an excuse to do some baby knitting. i thought coral might make a nice twist on the usual pink for baby girls, plus there’s the fact that i’m totally mad for it right now!

that’s all from my corner right now! my serious camera is on the fritz and needs to be sent to a camera doctor, so i’m stuck with my more rudimentary point & click. we took some terribly lit & fuzzy FO shots with it the other night, which are up on ravelry… i have to decide if i’m willing to keep them, or if we should re-take them. so you may or may not see them on friday…


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