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Also Known As: Life Lately According To My Phone.

Two married ladies. Alternatively: the bride wore duck lips.

One of my very favorite ladies got married on Halloween. I cried the moment she started to speak at the ceremony, because geeze, there’s something about people I love making life long commitments that brings out the sap in me. Properly contrasted with a duck face selfie, of course. I designed her invites, and hopefully someday I’ll get around to showing you those.


I borrowed a dress for the wedding and I’m kind of in lurve with it. Also, dressing up for this made me realize: a) my hair is pretty long and b) I don’t really know how to make it formal or even semi-formal at this length. Braids have been my default, but I need some new inspiration.

So far so good!

I decided to knit another ‘seasons hat’ for a friend who always wears hats. When there’s this many colors at play, I have to swatch a minimum of four times. I like where I ended up! This is pretty close to completion, depending on how much knitting time is in the near future.

Rings on rings on rings.

Time is at a bit of a premium right now because PoPS is in full swing production! Which is time-consuming, but it’s wonderful to be getting this stuff done. Pre-production was a especially brutal this round (I’m looking at you, scheduling). Oh, this picture is hands belonging to myself and Carlyn. When we need a double for her on set, I don a wig, and rings.

Accidentally did some random bleaching of my jeans while cleaning today. At least it doesn't look totally accidental? #oops

Production at our place means I’ve been cleaning every room we’ve been about to shoot in. And then inevitably seeing corners of dustiness while we’re shooting. SIGH. Accidentally bleached my jeans with the tub-scrub stuff the other day. At least it looks kind of planned-ish?

Baiza has been hanging out in this little tent that @chynagrove made! It's pretty dang cute. #baizagram

Baiza has been a bit under the weather. It’s easy to forget how old she is, being as teensy and spry as she is, but occasionally her age catches up to us. She’s on the mend, and this little tent has been her favorite hide out. Chyna made it for Mitzy, who upheld the time honored pet tradition of not giving a rats-patootie about the things their people want them to, so I’m glad Baiza likes it!

Jake matches the flowers.

Part of my family celebrated an early Thanksgiving with a meal, and I very much enjoyed how much Jake’s sweater matched the flowers on the table.

Mending my favorite chambray... Might not be worth it, but I gotta give it a try.

In this time of eternal cleaning and tidying, I’ve been shuffling through my wardrobe again, and I decided that my favorite chambray shirt has been out of commission long enough, and either needed to be tossed or fixed. So I took a cue from my favorite board dedicated to mending (specifically this) and went for it! It’s wearable again! I think the fabric is starting to give, so I’m not sure how much I extended it’s life, but oh well. I still like it!

What have you guys been up to?


first FO of the year! a tad shameful that this post would come before the last FO of 2011. i blocked them the same evening, but i want to get this in the mail, so i prioritized pics of it.


oh, so you are interested in the mysteries of the deep and all the crazy marine life down there? well, you are in luck! for i did a report in the fifth grade on the blue whale! and i remember… so little of it. they eat krill. they are the largest mammal, and also the largest ANIMAL… and…. i’m tapped.

FO: the Belafonte

these pictures are just placeholders. until i get pictures from the recipient. wearing his hat. who is this mysterious recipient, you ask? you don’t ask, you say? well i say you ask! the one, the only, VANAWESOME is the recipient! (so that link is to his channel. which is excellent. but in case you were curious, this is the video i usually show people as an introduction to vanawesome.)

FO: the Belafonte

FO: the Belafonte <–ravelry project page
pattern: my own. see more details below.
yarn: berroco ultra alpaca in henna (somewhere in the ballpark of 150 yds)
needles: US size 6 (4.0mm)

FO: the Belafonte

other information: vanawesome named the hat. it is named after the vessel from life aquatic with steve zissou. it is very much based on steve zissou‘s hat from the life aquatic with steve zissou. when he said that was what he wanted, i of course immediately thought of the jacques cousteau hat, but that is a 2×2 rib (which the original obvo is not), and the pattern is written for dk. so i just winged it. it ended up being the perfect disney world/universal studios waiting in line/vacation knit, which is convenient.

i cast on 100, knit 1×1 rib, did a couple of set up rows for the decreases, then decreased 4 stitches evenly every row. if i’d cast on 104 sts, i wouldn’t have needed to worry about setting up for the decreases. but i felt reckless when casting on, and didn’t do planning maths.


as promised, the sloppy joes became the base for shepherds pie. another dinner i don’t really have a recipe for. sloppy joes on the bottom, sauteed carrots and peas in the middle, mashed potatoes on top, and hey why not? toss some parmesan and melted butter on top of that! 30 minutes in an oven preheated to 400 degrees fahrenheit. it was delicious!

what animal did you do your animal report on?

i lumpin’ love this show. for real, guys. it helps that we just finished watching season six on dvd.

(screencaps found here)

so these images are from the season six’s bottle episode (the blackout in the blizzard). i love bottle episodes, unlike abed. look at brennan’s cute hat! i have been loving really chubby pom-poms recently.

now! if i were to use this as a bouncing point to knit a hat, i have several really good options…

i could take the stitch from cocoon, even though it has a slightly different quality to it than brennan’s, but i think it could make a supercute hat. (side note- jill made one of these that i just modeled* and i’m kind of in love with it.)

also a similar quality is zebraknits coline:

BUT! if i really wanted it to be as close as possible, rather than just inspired by… then groovy cable hat would be the way to go. observe maguidhir‘s:

i like them all! which would you pursue, do you think?

EDIT: ness and anna both gave me links to a pattern inspired by bones’ blizzard hat! as of right now, it isn’t available, but maybe it will be in the near future! thanks, ladies!

*that sounds so fancy! i wore it so that she could take better pictures of it.

it’s no secret that i love to knit hats. they are probably my absolute favorite item to knit. as long as you don’t choose a crazy difficult pattern (or gauge), you can finish a hat in 1-3 days, which makes it a good choice for this close to the gifting holiday.

annepaalandet‘s wood hollow hat.

love the pom poms! this one is fairly gender neutral. in fact, the two wood hollow hats i’ve knit have both been for dudes.

knittingma‘s felicity (free pattern!)

nothing like simple stockinette to showcase a gorgeous yarn. in this case, handspun.

traceynicole‘s opus spicatum (this pattern is free!)

need to toss some colorwork in here, right? i think this pattern is pretty gender neutral, too. who doesn’t like herringbone? and it’s only really the blocking that makes this slouchy. if you just blocked it flat, it’d be more of a beanie style hat. also, i think it’d look pretty cute with a pom-pom…

chronographia‘s pearls and fairy lights (from tinyowlknits orchids and fairy lights)

a little more on the feminine side. so, so pretty. and who doesn’t love an excuse to knit bobbles every now and again? (although, what i’m really looking for is an excuse to knit the deer with little antlers hat. i don’t have quite enough day-to-day whimsy to justify it for myself. maybe for a kid? oh! with imogene’s antlers?)

westknits‘s windschief (as worn by the creator!).

another gender neutral knit, and more of a proper beanie than the rest of them. fabulously simple with a great twist. and chronographia says it is hands down the fastest thing she’s ever knit! which maybe means i should’ve waited til next week to use it…

only one quick knits left, guys! happy holiday knitting!

i mentioned that the cast on bug had bit me?

the cardinal rule
the cardinal rule, or duck duck goose the second (if you don’t include estella’s blue lagoon as a rough prototype), for soom. in some mountain colors yarn… not sure which. gotta dig up the yarn band. the yarn is gorgeous, but it refused to photograph well tonight. cross your fingers, i hope it’ll do better in natural light.

jake's new hat
jake’s new colorwork hat in berroco jasper.

starting wonderwomans frank mitts!
wonder womans mitts of truth (aka-susie’s reading mitts in malabrigo frank ochre)

and the local roving i bought in the U.P.:
shetland on the left (‘a gouche, louisa!'[french kiss, anyone?]), suri alpaca on the right.

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