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okay, so this is actually about runners in the kitchen. they don’t have to be kilim… that’s just the ideal. and alliterative. our kitchen is very light and bright, and i think a runner could definitely add some texture and color to the kitchen. i’ve been looking for runners every time i go thrifting/rummaging/etc. but good secondhand rugs are not easy to find. and i am picky about what i want, and won’t settle for just anything. so i’m going to wait it out.


one of the selling points when we chose this apartment was this tiny room, defined as an office in the description. it’s 5’2″ wide and 7’11” deep (um… 158 cm by 241 cm). it has a little closet where i keep my yarn stash (as seen here), and it is home to all of my knitting supplies, our tools, as well as the computer, printer, and anything related to either of our hobbies or jobs that has come home with us. which basically means it was a dumping ground. i will not show you pictures of that particular “before”, because i am just plain too ashamed. you will have to make do with this:


after i had pulled out a couple mountains piles of stuff, to begin the process of changing everything around. it’s still cluttered enough to give you an idea of it.

while i appreciated that we had this room, there is one huge drawback. wood paneling. everywhere. i really dislike paneling. i understand some people like it. they like wood everywhere, and they love the lodge-y feel of a wood paneled room. but that just ain’t my style. if i had my druthers, the room would be white-washed. but, in reality, i do not own this place, i rent it. so for the year and a half that we have been here, i’ve been unhappy about this room. i’ve thought, pondered and contemplated what to do, and nothing felt right. so i have done nothing…

until jake went off to san francisco, and i was bored one evening, surfing through apartment therapy and design sponge to find any house tour that had a wood paneled room, and finally it started to gel for me. since this room is where we dump so much stuff, it needed a lot more storage options. enter ikea, of course, master of affordable and adaptable furniture.


and as far as the wood paneling was concerned, i just stopped fighting it. the room is brown, the desk is brown, why not just embrace it, and make it mostly brownscale? so i bought the 5’x5′ expedit in birch effect, plus a couple of storage options. it isn’t full now, and i’m not going to try to fill it. it will get there on it’s own, i’m sure, as i sort through and re-organize things.

once i’d started this idea of re-doing the study, i wanted it done before jake got home. you know “welcome home, honey! look: we have a new study!” as opposed to “welcome home, honey! wanna help me assemble furniture?!” so i assembled the bookcase, with the help of a friend, in the living room (assembling a 5×5 bookcase in a 5’2″ wide room? sounded like a squeeze to me.). it went together easily enough, and so we stood it up, and slid it into the study, where we then attempted to swing it around to fit it into the corner. are you seeing the problem that occurred? yeah, it got stuck in the swinging portion of that maneuver. the room is 5’2″ wide, except next to the floor, where the baseboard jutted out about 3/4″ on either side. there was a good ten minutes where i wasn’t sure the plan i had hatched for this room would work. at all. ever. because we couldn’t get the bookcase in. but with the help of a second friend, we three girls managed to lift the bookcase above the baseboard and swivel it into place.


other ikea purchases from that trip included a floor lamp, a curtain and a curtain rod. that window faces due west, which means it can get some wicked light in the afternoon. this is lovely, but can also cause glare.

the typewriter was a gift from jake’s grandma, and we love it. my old electric typewriter is getting donated now that we have this one.


the only thing that wouldn’t fit into the expedit is our lovely little printer. so i was really excited when i realized it would fit on this crate, left over from purchasing many bottles of wine for our wedding. this guy is tucked between the desk and the bookcase.

and to give you another view of the room:

i hung that curtain a while ago. it’s an old twin topsheet. it’s mates have been gone a long time, but i always liked the design. i’m not sure it’s going to stay, but i’m also not sure about changing it. i have another panel from the curtain set i used on the window (i thought that two curtains on the window in this small a room might actually add to the claustrophobia, so i kept it simple), but i worry that might get too matchy matchy. plus i found those adorable blue & white magazine holders at ikea, and i thought those might play off of each other. thoughts?

i was really excited when i realized that this change around allowed me to pull a couple of things out of hiding. the folding screen and washboard on top of the expedit have never had good homes, but i love both of them, and ditto for the 3×5 rug that came from my great-grandma!

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