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After my whole daydreamed redesign of our bedroom, we moved! I’d already started implementing little things, and documenting the room ‘Before’ the change when we found out that our landlord was selling. Suddenly, I didn’t feel quite so motivated to make changes to the bedroom. So… alack! Twas all for naught!


We took one look at this place, with it’s huge beautiful windows, abundance of natural light, deco detailing, and decided yes, this was our new apartment.

We moved in September 1, and I’ve been busy unpacking!


I kind of hate pictures with so many unpacked boxes in them, but hey, it’s totally the truth. I went around taking pictures of a few areas in the mean time, though:


Unpacking the kitchen was my first priority. Gotta be able to eat and drink! Putting up my magnetic knife rack was a big one, as it turned the room from A kitchen to MY kitchen. This is by far the smallest room in the place (I think it’s possible it’s smaller than the bathroom, honestly), so I was worried about organizing it.

New place!!!

We put some shelves in this shallow closet to make it a pantry, which freed up all of the cabinets for china and cookware.

New place!!!

There’s limited counter space, so I’m being very picky about what is allowed to take up that space. Coffee is a must, though! The microwave is hidden away in a closet right now. We’ll see if it actually gets any use in there.

New place!!!

It felt sooo good to unpack our books. This made it more of a home than unpacking the kitchen or my clothes. Also, as a note, our local Binny’s was really nice about letting us grab a handful of boxes anytime we asked, and wine/beer boxes are perfect for books! You can’t pack them too full, because they are fairly small, so they never get too heavy, and they are traditionally a little more structurally sound because they’re made for heavy product!

New place!!!

If you have eagle eyes, you might note that the desk is already on a different wall than it was above. I expect things will change as we actually live in and use the space. I’m trying not to hang anything on the walls until I feel like the furniture is a little more finalized…

New place!!!

I’ll probably be organizing things a little more visually, ultimately, but I’m trying to prioritize unpacking right now. This is our couch without the white slipcover, by the way. I should say former couch, as it has moved on to a new home, and you can peek at our new couch here:


Exciting to be in a new place! With full height ceilings! And lots of natural light! And more space!


i’ve still been pursuing my desire for a ‘clean slate’ as of late. this weekend was really productive. i cleaned the entire apartment. and i’ve been trying to finish projects that have been laying around for a while.

like this overhead light for the bedroom:


i’ve had the shade for quite a while, but i bought the other components last week, so i finally got it up this weekend. all light in the bedroom has come from lamps, so it’s really nice to have something that casts a better glow.

and i finally figured out what to do with this cute faucet handle i bought a few flea markets ago:


right above the audubon print in the bathroom! the audubon print is also from the flea market (serious love for the flea market). i like it for many reasons, not least because it reminds me of ‘okay for now’ (note to self: get back to those book reviews).

as i was going through and cleaning, i went through this one corner of the kitchen. it’s the kind of corner (i’m sure we all have them), that collects things… you know, unpaid bills, nice cards from the most recent card type occasion, and those papers and small objects that just don’t seem to have a home… anyways, i decided if i put something there, maybe it wouldn’t collect nearly as much stuff. so here’s what we’ve got now:


time will tell if this actually keeps the clutter at bay, but it’s worth a shot!

well, anyways, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that this was the weekend of the flea market.


i only bought one thing:


a lovely turquoise ring. new mexico has very much been on my mind, recently…

i also saw this fabulous large poster for the rocketeer:


jake loves that movie, and i love the heavy art deco influence on the design, as well as the retro advertising. the poster is a ridiculous size, considering our small apartment, but i had to admire it. jill got a really fantastic hudson bay blanket, which i offered to carry around for her. someday my own hudson bay blanket will find me! until then, i will snuggle with all of my wool blankets that i already own…

i finished a couple of other smaller projects. i’ll share those later this week! what’d you do this weekend?

it sometimes goes that i have a very specific idea for something. for example, i bought two enje shades about six months ago with the idea of hanging them in the bedroom. they’ve been chilling out, leaning up against a corner of the bedroom for…. yeah, six months. this has been on my overall to do list for a long long long time (i knew well before i even bought the enje shades that this is what i wanted.).


after-living room

so saturday rolled around, and i had no idea of putting enje shades up. i was scooting around, cleaning here, tidying there, putting things to right that had gotten out of hand over the course of the week, and i stopped for a minute to do a little knitting. i sat down on the couch and pulled my knitting towards me, flipped open the laptop to have my colorwork chart up in front of me, and the sun streaming in from the window made it impossible to see my chart.

after-living room

so i put up one of the enje’s intended for the bedroom. on a complete whim. but the lack of window dressing has been bugging me in there for a looooong time. (true story: i borrowed the drape in the before pictures so that the living room would look a little more pulled together. but then it went back to it’s intended window.)

living room

part of what has held me back for so friggin long is because i wanted to trim the shades down so that they would sit perfectly inside the window frame, and be all flush and pretty. but in my fit of pique at that random ray of sunshine, i didn’t bother with all that business, and just went for it. and i don’t think it bothers me at all? only time shallllll tell! i still need to figure out some kind of curtain-y situation. mostly only for when we want to watch something in the afternoon, again, when the sunlight comes a-streaming in, and the couch is situated just so that all you can see is the glowing window reflected in the tv. the rest of the time, i want as much sunshine as is possible.


we got the couch from ashley (you might remember it from the home tour? or you can spot it in their previous apartment here), as it is too long to fit in their living room. i measured the space that our couch sits in, and we had a roomy 2 inches of extra space! ashley made the white slip-covers for it, and they have been suuuuuuuch a blessing. every drop of wine that has gone rogue, every miraculous flip of a spoon carrying chili, everytime baiza has an upset tummy in the vicinity of the couch… all i need to do is pull the covers off and launder them. i am absolutely sold on the merits of slipcovers.


the lamps are new, too. the big brass lamp is too big to properly fit anywhere in the apartment. but i saw it gleaming brassily at me in the thrift store for $5 and absolutely could not just leave it there. so big! so brassy! morgan would undoubtedly approve. the white floor lamp is from target. the floor lamp from the before pictures finally died and i pumped my fist triumphantly. floor lamps are too expensive, and too hard to find attractive ones in thrift stores, so the brass one just kind of limped on until it just couldn’t anymore, and i felt validated in actually spending a little bit of money to get something attractive. huzzah!

there you have it. many words about a few objects and changes.

life has been busy. it always seems to be that way, i wonder when it’s going to stop being surprising to me! but i finally got to have a saturday with no obligations, and it was wonderful! i made chili, and we bought and decorated our christmas tree!


christmas tree!

do any of you have pickles on your trees? i thought it was a fairly traditional thing, but i was teasing a friend about her lack of pickle ornament, and she had no idea what i was talking about.

we just picked up the big ben ornament! in bath, actually. ^_^

london fog

i’ve been plugging away on various projects. i bound off on the london fog cowl about a week ago, and sewed in the ends and blocked it. it’s still drying. FO shoot soon!


these are some mitts i’ve been working on. they are fun to knit, and i’m knitting two at once to not get caught by second-sock-syndrome. that having been said, i need to finish them before i’m allowed to cast on for *anything* else. which is making them a small specific variety of torture, as i’ve been feeling particularly inspired while searching for quick knits projects. on the other hand, it’s probably stopping me from casting on for a dozen new projects at once.

jake’s work holiday party was last week, and i used that as an excuse to try something i’ve wanted to for a while:


sally hensen salon effects, in glitz blitz! so sparkly! so gold! so festive! these are supposed to be super durable, but i am really rough on my nails. i have no doubt that someone who actually tried to maintain a manicure would get longer out of these. i got about five days. which for me is a minor miracle.

homemade oreos

i’m also trying to make christmas cookies for the first time this year. it usually falls into the ‘well intentioned but always fails’ category for me, along with thank you notes and taking daily vitamins… so far so good! now i just need to not eat all of them myself!

homemade oreos shown above (there’s even a gluten-free version), and gluten-free peanut butter cookies below (on a frankenstein napkin left over from halloween).

gluten free peanut butter cookies

these didn’t exactly rock my world. they are tasty enough, but they crumble to pieces as soon as you touch them… they seemed a little better after cooling, but i broke loads trying to transfer them to the cooling rack. i am still temtped by the nutella version and the chocolate chip & walnut version, though, so the i might give them another shot yet.

in case this post is feeling a little photo light to you, here’s a gratuitous kitty pic:


love her little white chin. how are you guys? anybody in the thick of hanukkah/chanukah? anybody else doing christmas prep/celebrating? or are you just counting down the days until the daylight stays around a little longer? i know i’ll be celebrating that!

i’ve been changing a few things up around the home, so i thought i’d give you guys an update.

bracelets on a vase

i saw this tip on pinterest, and goodness knows i don’t frequently have reasons to use my stem vase, pretty though it may be. so i’m using it for a stack of bracelets/cuffs/watches

clicky lamp in the closet

forgive the unlovely view, but this is the only way i could capture it. i just put a clicky-sticky battery powered light in the closet, and it makes a huge amount of difference when i’m looking for a particular item in my shadowy little closet.

clip lamp

i recently rearranged the bedroom, and i think the layout is much better. and i owe you more pictures than this. but the new layout made it difficult to use the previous bedside lamps, which is fine, they were only ever meant to be stop-gap measures. the clip lamp is my most recent solution.

we welcomed a recent addition to our home… say hi to baiza:


we adopted this sweet girl from a friend about a month ago. we have taken our time settling in together, but she is sweet as can be. you also might notice: a new couch! well, new to us. our yellow couch was starting to look a little… weathered. as an added bonus, now not alllll of our seating is yellow!

warning: it is extremely likely that i will turn into a poster of copious amounts of kitty pictures. you have been warned.

katie of house of humble recently posted about her desire for tried and true cake recipes in a little recipe box, which reminded me of my own quest for a vintage recipe box, and i realized that i somehow had never checked etsy! what the what?

so i went over and peeked around, and here are some of my faves:

this looks SUPER familiar to me. like maybe someone i know has this in their kitchen… i’ll have to keep my eye out when i go a-visiting. vintage yellow recipe box with red roses from kitchen table vintage.

how gorgeous is this simple copper recipe box with the brass sign? total babe! i can see this in a mid century modern kitchen, all bright whites and teak and this gorgeous pop of copper… vintage copper recipe box from snippety cricket (i’ll be honest, though, i stole the photo from aliya and lucas, but theirs sold).

really excellent asian inspired recipe box from snootie booty.

let a wee bit of the scots into me kitchen? oh, aye, don’t mind if i do, ye ken? (errrr… sorry. you know i’m mostly scottish, yeah?) ANYWAYS! tartan recipe box from darling rats = totally awesome.

or how about this rad vintage ’60’s floral recipe box from jackpot jen?

which is your favorite? or are none of these quite doing it for you? or do you have a different method for storing and organizing your recipes? in all honestly, that copper one is the one i’m most tempted by!

okay, so this is actually about runners in the kitchen. they don’t have to be kilim… that’s just the ideal. and alliterative. our kitchen is very light and bright, and i think a runner could definitely add some texture and color to the kitchen. i’ve been looking for runners every time i go thrifting/rummaging/etc. but good secondhand rugs are not easy to find. and i am picky about what i want, and won’t settle for just anything. so i’m going to wait it out.

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