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can you tell that jake and i are both total suckers for light flares? we always go out of our way to line some up if the sun/angles are willing to accomodate us. but i mean… can you blame us? sun flares are sooo pretty!



target white tee, blazer- thrifted jeans – old navy sandals

you don’t get much more basic of an outfit than jeans and a white t-shirt. it almost feels like cheating, it’s so easy. but i still just love it.


being around this many beautiful flowers made me want to gather up a bunch and bring them home with me! but i have two plants at home i am desperately trying to keep alive. by which i mean i occasionally remember to water them. what do you mean you don’t have high hopes for their survival? i’m shocked! this nursery has a small fruit stand attached to it, and that’s what we were there for.



i feel like everytime we take outfit pictures, my hand veins are going super crazy. sheesh, calm down guys.




ah, oops! i didn’t get pictures of friday’s outfit, nor sunday or monday’s. but here’s saturday! i had a little internal debate about these jeans. they aren’t technically work appropriate, and with such a limited number of pieces for this remix, it did feel a bit wasteful to choose such casual jeans. but it was saturday, and all i wanted was my comfy casual jeans. i laugh in the face of logic! only time will tell if it will return the favor. i don’t foresee it being terribly dramatic either way, frankly.





rummaged tank top & jeans – gift from gram sun hat – old navy sandals

don’t worry about those lost outfits, i re-capture them for you!




thrifted hat, blazer, pink jeans, woven flats – hand knit cowl – target cardigan

found these pictures hanging out from a couple of weeks ago! i’d brought my proper camera (the nikon) only to turn it on and find that the battery was completely dead. d’oh! so jill took some pictures with my phone.


be warned: lots of pictures. it was too gorgeous out, i had a hard time limiting the quantities!





thrifted blazer, scarf, j. crew sweater – target grey tee, booties – ebay madewell jeans

the colors this autumn have been amazing! i can’t tell if it’s this beautiful every year, and i just forget, or if they are especially incredible this year!






do you have the problem where you selectively forget how beautiful autumn is?

i’m starting to work on scoping out my selections for my holiday quick knit round-ups, and yesterday i asked for input, so if there’s anything you’d like to see, make sure to leave me a comment!

thrifty thursday


thrifty thursday

thrifty thursday
(and then i realized i’d somehow gotten my necklace tucked into my pocket?)

thrifty thursday

hand-me-overs target cardigan & jeans – thrifted old navy button down – handmade necklace – forever21 yellow sneaks

i mentioned that i’ve been making jewelry? i’ve been wearing it pretty much non-stop since i made it.

thrifty thursday

i usually only document outfits when i feel like i am making some kind of effort. i put on a blouse, or a skirt, or coordinate things in a new way, or bothered to put on jewelry (although you may have noticed that i tend to stick to the same pieces for like a month before rotating them for something else). for a change of pace, here’s an outfit with no real effort. slouchy jeans, t-shirt, big cardigan, warm boots. can you get more comfortable?

casual weekend

casual weekend

casual weekend

target gifted cardigan – thrifted h&m striped tee, boyfriend jeans – l.l. bean bean boots

this necklace doesn’t count as effort, as i haven’t taken it off for a month. taking it off would have been more of an effort! i like this outfit at least as much as some of my fancier outfits. but i feel kind of cheater-y posting it because it is so easy. but it’s the weekend! weekends are for sitting on the couch and knitting sweater sleeves, and occasionally sneaking in some housework, all while drinking coffee and listening to music, right? that’s my story, and i’m sticking to it!

by some minor miracle, jill and i both had the same day off, and she had an errand to run. the errand was at the end of a two hour drive though, so it was a day-long errand, and she asked for some company, which i happily provided.

have you ever driven through milwaukee? if yes, skip the next set of pictures. if no, here, this is pretty much what it’s like:

driving through milwaukee

driving through milwaukee

driving through milwaukee

driving through milwaukee

driving through milwaukee

i’ve always been fond of milwaukee. and driving through it. but that’s not where we were headed.

washington house

cedarburg snippet

cedarburg snippet

woolen mill


rivoli movie theatre

foot bridge

the anvil

li'l  waterfall

washington house

cedarburg, a formerly industry (woolen mill, primarily!) town a bit north of milwaukee. it’s a cute place, lots of older buildings turned into boutiques, restaurants, and antique shops. jill and i ran her errand, grabbed some lunch and poked around in various shops.

day trip to cedarburg

day trip to cedarburg

day trip to cedarburg

target yellow scarf, booties – thrifted silk blouse, silver sweater, jeans

this has been one of my go-to outfits more recently, and now i’ve finally documented it for the blog! many thrifty style bloggers love their silk blouses, so i’ve been keeping an eye out at thrift stores, and finally this guy popped out at me!

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