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in this case, i guess i won the… flea market? reigning champ of the flea market! (where’s my matching purse and belt?) jill and i have gone twice, and both times i’ve walked away totally elated with my purchases and ready to re-enact the last shot of the breakfast club:


anyways, wanna see my spoils?


i found this great flour tin. you can’t really tell the size of it from that pic, but here’s a little more context, in case it’s bugging you. i haven’t decided if this is staying with me or not. i might use it as a gift box for an event on the horizon, but i haven’t bought the gift yet, so it will depend on whether or not the gift will fit inside the tin or not. i sure wouldn’t be bummed to keep it, but i’m trying not to get too attached in case it works perfectly for it’s intended purpose.

in case it does work as a gift box, i bought this little faucet handle:


wouldn’t it look cool tied onto the tin with some rough twine as a little present embellishment?

i have had a mad crush on west elm‘s line of enamelware (so sleek! so clean! so simultaneously vintage and modern! that graphic black edging! oh, how my heart flutters and spasms!), but all of those pieces would be redundant in my kitchen, so i can’t quite grant myself permission to buy them. but! when i saw this at the flea market:


it was obvious that it wanted to come home with me! best part:


can you see it? no, you want closer?


love it!

i saved the best for last. do you remember how i oohed and ahhed over a navajo rug last time? yeah, i have a thing for rugs. love ’em. always. but they are expensive. so i always have my eyes open for inexpensive rugs. even at the flea market. i didn’t have much hope of finding one (most i saw at the flea market started around $70 and went up from there. i think the most expensive one i saw was $400. these were mostly smaller area rugs, 5×8 and smaller.). but i found one, immediately fell in love, and began the process of looking for reasons to barter down the (unknown) price; the dye bled, it’s unraveling in a few spots, not great overall condition. i’m not much of a barter-er, all in all, but i was ready to fight for this one.

i approached the vendor, rug in hand, and asked what the price was. he said ‘i had it at $15, but i’ll take $10 for it.’ reader, i took it. i pulled out $10 as fast as i could, probably with trembling hands, and practically ran away with the rug so he couldn’t rethink the sale.

new rug

new rug

oooh, i love it! i finally have my runner in the kitchen! i don’t mind the flaws at all. if anything, it means i’m okay with this guy hanging out in the kitchen, where it might occasionally get food on it, and will get heavy foot traffic all the time.

anyways. have you guys made any good purchases recently? are you suffering from any material crushes like my west elm enamelware one? do tell!


katie of house of humble recently posted about her desire for tried and true cake recipes in a little recipe box, which reminded me of my own quest for a vintage recipe box, and i realized that i somehow had never checked etsy! what the what?

so i went over and peeked around, and here are some of my faves:

this looks SUPER familiar to me. like maybe someone i know has this in their kitchen… i’ll have to keep my eye out when i go a-visiting. vintage yellow recipe box with red roses from kitchen table vintage.

how gorgeous is this simple copper recipe box with the brass sign? total babe! i can see this in a mid century modern kitchen, all bright whites and teak and this gorgeous pop of copper… vintage copper recipe box from snippety cricket (i’ll be honest, though, i stole the photo from aliya and lucas, but theirs sold).

really excellent asian inspired recipe box from snootie booty.

let a wee bit of the scots into me kitchen? oh, aye, don’t mind if i do, ye ken? (errrr… sorry. you know i’m mostly scottish, yeah?) ANYWAYS! tartan recipe box from darling rats = totally awesome.

or how about this rad vintage ’60’s floral recipe box from jackpot jen?

which is your favorite? or are none of these quite doing it for you? or do you have a different method for storing and organizing your recipes? in all honestly, that copper one is the one i’m most tempted by!

okay, so this is actually about runners in the kitchen. they don’t have to be kilim… that’s just the ideal. and alliterative. our kitchen is very light and bright, and i think a runner could definitely add some texture and color to the kitchen. i’ve been looking for runners every time i go thrifting/rummaging/etc. but good secondhand rugs are not easy to find. and i am picky about what i want, and won’t settle for just anything. so i’m going to wait it out.

this is a look i love, and i definitely want to do this in our apartment in the kitchen. but i haven’t gotten around to it yet. in the meantime, i just look at these for inspiration:

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

from burlap and lace

while i won’t do all white, it certainly is appealing. and i love the platter in there to break up the sizes.

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

from vintage farmhouse, but i think possibly originally from house beautiful?

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

from mmmcrafts.

these two are a bit more like it… organic shapes, playing with size, and color…

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

from not your average ordinary.

antique baking accessories as an awesome alternative. this is not a collection i have, but if i somehow manage to accumulate it…

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