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when i’m taking photographs of an object, i usually use our kitchen counter. it is white, and gives me a clean, easy background for whatever object i’m trying to capture.

this same counter is where baiza gets her daily treat. and where she can be nosy and get in the way while we try to dish out her meals. also where she gets gently taken away from when ‘people food’ is being prepped. sometimes repeatedly until she understands.

so most of what we people do on the counter is of interest to her. so it shouldn’t surprise me that when i try to take photos of objects, she’s pretty sure this will be an event of interest to her, and try to participate.

anyways, my mini photoshoot with the krumkake roller got sidetracked into a kitty photoshoot, so i thought i’d share her silliness.







halo braid

halo braid

i saw this pin and wanted to recreate it, but when i tried to french braid the back of my head, my fingers got really confused, so i kinda winged it. and it turned out okay!


fun with my nails: teal fingernails with gunmetal on the ring fingers!


gratuitous kitty pic!

i’ve been changing a few things up around the home, so i thought i’d give you guys an update.

bracelets on a vase

i saw this tip on pinterest, and goodness knows i don’t frequently have reasons to use my stem vase, pretty though it may be. so i’m using it for a stack of bracelets/cuffs/watches

clicky lamp in the closet

forgive the unlovely view, but this is the only way i could capture it. i just put a clicky-sticky battery powered light in the closet, and it makes a huge amount of difference when i’m looking for a particular item in my shadowy little closet.

clip lamp

i recently rearranged the bedroom, and i think the layout is much better. and i owe you more pictures than this. but the new layout made it difficult to use the previous bedside lamps, which is fine, they were only ever meant to be stop-gap measures. the clip lamp is my most recent solution.

we welcomed a recent addition to our home… say hi to baiza:


we adopted this sweet girl from a friend about a month ago. we have taken our time settling in together, but she is sweet as can be. you also might notice: a new couch! well, new to us. our yellow couch was starting to look a little… weathered. as an added bonus, now not alllll of our seating is yellow!

warning: it is extremely likely that i will turn into a poster of copious amounts of kitty pictures. you have been warned.

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